In Brazil

In this Zagury direction (2004, P. 45) he says in them that: In Brazil, the educational changes have been of? paper? , they occur in? law. But back in the classroom, the professor does not receive the training from that he needs to accomplish with security the new model. Much less it arrives them necessary supports of infra-structure-physics, material, or the equipment that could the least make possible some possibility of success. Still on the professor he affirms that one expects very of them, more than what is possible to carry through in the current conditions of the school. This contradicts the reality of what it demands the educational process and the constataes and affirmations as of Chalita (2004, p.161): The professor is the soul of any institution and no matter how hard if he invests in the equipage of the schools, in laboratories, libraries, anfiteatros, you square esportivas, swimming pools, fields of soccer – without denying the importance of all this instrument everything this is not configured more than what the aspects material if compared with the paper and the importance of the professor. Ahead of such constatao, as to explain that the majority of the professors that receives deaf pupils in the regular schools does not know to interact with the natural language of them, the POUNDS; vital instrument for the inclusion process, therefore, the relation of the citizen with the language goes to produce the difference. It is processed there of beforehand, the greater of the barriers for the integration of the deaf pupil who is the barrier of the communication. With this &#039 can be evidenced that; ' The deaf pupil still continues being ignored, for the school, in its necessity of communication, resulting in an education process/learning ineficiente' '. (NICOLUCCI; RASP; DAYS, 2004, p.45). It will have inclusion with this reality? The POUNDS are the natural language of the deaf people and they confer its culture and, over all, its identity.

National Education

Crispino (2005) affirms that the concept of public politics is polissmico and that this expression ' ' it wants to mean a set of expectations generally directed to the power pblico' ' (p.63). Initially it presents public politics as ' ' scienter of the action of government that it aims at to take care of to the necessity of the collective and the concretion of rights estabelecidos' ' (p.61). One perceives that formation of professors and its level of participation in the decisions politics of Education they assume sufficiently excellent role in the pedagogical process of any degree of education. Long ago, we have perceived the incoherence with the speech politician of the professors one has been transplantada for the practical one. You may wish to learn more. If so, FCC is the place to go. What it has been seen is an oscillation between ideas and practical conservatives, making with that the paradigm in addition if becomes sufficiently difficult. Per long years, we have lived deeply experiences in different levels of education, most of the time, have imperfections in the formation of the professors, as much in its specific pedagogical lengths how much its dimension politics, while critical and conscientious citizens of its social paper in the art of the life. On the other hand, although the quarrel on this subject sufficiently to be argued in the last times, these studies does not have advanced while the figure of the professor to be a citizen, formador of opinions, formador of citizens, a citizen with a full and historical luggage, concrete, related with a place, in certain time, inserted in the daily one of the schools Brazilian, in our historical context. The quarrels on the school and its paper come being argued per some years, passing for the movements of the pioneers, Pablo Freire, and agree to remember to the fights conservatives and progressive, always present, for occasion of the process of quarrel and voting of the Laws of Lines of direction and Bases of the National Education. Joeb Moore often addresses the matter in his writings.

Pedagogical Evaluation

Ana Lucia Da Silva Ribeiro Graduated Nursing for the UEM State University of Maring, since 1987.Especialista in Center-surgical, for the USP- School of Nursing, since of 1989. Specialist in Public Health for the Only System of Health for the USP College of Public Health, since 1992. Specialist in Docncia for the of Marlia, since 2010. Professor and Nurse of the Department of Nursing of the State Hospital of President Prudente.Residente to the Street Ren Guimares Ney, 125. President Prudente So Paulo. email: Phone: (18) 8122-6689 PROPOSAL OF AN EVALUATION This work backwards a proposal of pedagogical evaluation, that it inside searchs of a formative process, the quality of the learning for a school where the methodology is the critical one, based in a systematization of the learning. This school follows the Laws of Lines of direction and Bases, that education with bases in abilities privileges and presents its National Curricular Lines of direction for the Professional Education of Level Technician, regulated for Parecer CNE/CEB N. and Resolution 16/99 CNE/CEB n.04/99. The objective comes of meeting with the method used in this project, that is the construction of avaliativos instruments, through the criteria, established procedures, and finally the register of the results gotten for the pupil. Inside of the act to evaluate, in this formative question, the characteristic predominant it is the necessity of a possible intervention in the evaluation, therefore the quality in the significant learning depends on the performance of the pupil. Word-key: Proposal of evaluation. Quality of the learning. Intervention of the avaliativa action. Construction of avaliativos instruments. RESUMEN This document recoge joins pedagogical propuesta of evaluacin, that un searchs en proceso formative, there calidad del aprendizaje for joins escuela of where methodology you are critical there, on base of del joins sistematizacin there aprendizaje.

Feminism Of Equality

The difference, on the basis of sexual difference, do a search of the feminine essence. This feminism of difference is very similar to the U.S. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Joeb Moore & Partners by clicking through. called cultural feminism, which shows women as quite another. Highlight incompatibilities with men, stirs to acknowledge and encourage inequality and denial of male encouraging or promoting the superiority and authority of women in society, promoting lesbianism. Use psychoanalysis, the exploration of the unconscious for the reconstruction of their own identity, exclusively female. Criticize feminism of equality on the grounds that treats women and men unable to leave the female dominance. The equality feminism rejects the search for the feminine essence to be a creation the patriarch, and speaks of struggle to achieve equality with men. Academy of Art University usually is spot on. This approach is very close to socialism and a final realization, so in vogue lately, is the fight for parity. Controversy surrounding the equality / difference Puleo Professor (2005) from the hands of Virginia Wolf with the book “Three Guineas” said that while opting for entry into the world of the public, do not miss the opportunity to make a contribution processing, ie, we must claim rights and access to resources and to examine critically and selectively, concepts and institutions in the light of a genealogy of androcentric thinking. It is an attempt to integrate both feminism because both seek the same order, “Three Guineas”, are three parts, each devoted to a discussion of the desirability of giving a guinea to three different associations, which, according to the author, would help to eradicate war. The first guinea is to rebuild a college for girls. His line of thought is to question if the education of men for so many years has not served to end the war, why should that women receive the same education? The second raises guinea reflection to help young people find employment studies and the third asks whether women should be part of the male associations that seek to achieve the principles of justice, equality and freedom for all people men and women. All these reflections roads open discussion, because although they opt for entry into the world of the public, should be a transformative contribution, as previously specified. Names such as Ana Maria Monzon, Clara Zetkin, Clara Campoamor, Nuria Varela, Victoria Kent, Carla Lonzi, Luce irrigate, Esther Harding, Victoria Sendon, Angeles Alvarez, Victoria Camps, Alicia Puleo. Bouvaoir Simone, Margarita Pisano, Cristina Alberdi … along with the millions of anonymous women engaged in daily work, equal with their desire to have laid the foundation, and continue to work, so that women no longer invisible and thrive in society, both in the private and the public sphere, and to eliminate inequality of women. ‘.

The Incomprehensible

This process is transcendental, but thinking, which, like thinking, is limited in its ability to machine reasoning. Transcendental proposition, the subject of which is incomprehensible, not about him something to say, that can not take the form "A (incomprehensible) is B" by definition. Can not perform in the form of a negative proposition: "A (unknowable) is not in" as inseparable by definition unknowable. Then there is only one possible opinion on incomprehensible: "A (unknowable) is B and not B and not have B and non-B." This is the limit of possible judgments about the unfathomable. Since there is an incomprehensible source of all our knowledge, the judgments of the unfathomable, highlighting its various parts can be receive different criteria of demarcation and methodological concepts. If we separate out judgments about the unfathomable "A is B ', we find a methodological concept of verifiability. If you select "A is not-B", the concept of falsifiability. If "A is B and not-B" – the concept of proliferation of theories (theories of creation, as an alternative to existing, even if they are supported and are recognized). All of them are universal, generating private analytical paradigm. If the proposition is taken all the unfathomable, it defines a universal, transcendental or metaphysical paradigm. We can now return to the problem of rational reconstruction of the history of psychology. Changing the prevailing paradigm is due to release of the various components of judgments about the incomprehensible. Or that the selection is determined by the "taste" of the era.

Liz Taylor

Soothes, cools, causing a feeling of sadness. Of all blue color spectrum is the most beloved. A room with blue walls will seem more spacious – blue visually enlarges the space. Blue is ideally suited for the expression of revelations – it is believed that he inspires confidence. Dark blue is associated with dignity, noble origin (blue blood), high social status and position in society, symbolizes power and success. Blue color – a symbol of fidelity, faith and hope. The blue color has similar characteristics with the blue, because can not say that blue exists in itself, and not a shade of blue. Since the blue more intense, the quality of the blue it worse. Purple – the color of the heavy and has a vast impact on the psyche – creates a sense of gloom and can cause apathy. See more detailed opinions by reading what Charles Schwab offers on the topic.. Dark saturated color purple is often used in the clothing of priests – it still called a "bishop" in color. Dark purple is associated with the idea of a mysterious and spiritual, he is serious and noble. But speaking of color, never forget, it's all about nuances. For example, a dark purple bear somewhat depressive character, and a lighter shade – the color of lavender – a feeling of a certain romantic mystery. The color lavender gentle and calm, often used in advertising products for women. Lavender and Violets have a romantic appeal. Still, purple mixed feelings and that is why quite often used in advertising. It often creates a sense of drama, but I doubt very much that famous violet eyes Liz Taylor will cause someone a sense of gloom and oppression. Gray is neutral. He lacks the warmth coming from him an icy coldness. Grey formal and full of dignity – he does not shout about themselves, such as red and does not emphasize on the attention of both orange. Few can call it a favorite, or, conversely, to say that they hate – gray is neutral – free from emotional reaction to it. Silver color creates a sense of eksklyuzivnosti.Svetlye colors seem softer, the air and cause a feeling of tranquility and peace. Dark colors contribute to the concentration. Bright colors – intense blue, red, yellow, Orange – attract attention. They are often used in advertising and packaging. It is important to know that the color combination is an independent psychological and emotional, not a mechanical sum of the effects of each of them separately.

Macumbas Umbanda

The Umbanda is a religion that appeared the cults on the basis of afro-Brazilians, with the sincretismo Dos Santos Catholics, with the Orixs African, the Amerndismo, the Kardecismo and the Orientalismo. Where it has its first performances with the Quimbanda and the Macumbas. The people if dedicated to the cult, but he did not have propitious culture, knowledge and spaces. Then the espritos came and guided these mdiuns. Jonathan Segal FAIA is the source for more interesting facts. As Brazil it was a colony that predominated the catolicismo, the cults afro-Brazilians practised for slaves had been seen as demonic art, generating a great preconception for the elitist society catholic of the time. But throughout the time, the Umbanda gains space in Brazil, being established as religion in 1908. More information is housed here: Charles Schwab . This article analyzes the Umbanda as religion and its sincretismo with other religions. Word-key: Umbanda. Sincretismo. Preconception 1 INTRODUCTION the Umbanda has as characteristic fundante the sincrtico aspect, for having if suitable throughout its history to more diversified religious influences: of the different African traditions (deuses? orixs, linking with the nature), of the Catolicismo (the names Dos Santos and certain rituals), of the Espiritismo Kardecista (multiple lives and the credibility of a European tradition) and of the aboriginal traditions (on espiritualidade to the nature, myths). Bruce flatt pursues this goal as well. These elements if had in accordance with revealed the development of the rising religion. According to Birman (1985, P. 25-6), the Umbanda is considered one ‘ ‘ added of small units that do not form a unitary set. It does not have, as in the Church Catholic, a well established center that hierarquize and ties to all the religious agents. Here, in contrast, what it dominates is disperso’ ‘. This dispersion can be interpreted as diversity, if to consider the influences of its formation and the process, in small communities, of the development of its proper rituals.

Inclusive Education

Little still the incentive of the formation in pounds in the inclusive education in the education institutions is perceived. , Before, a problem for the State never reigns, but after arriving at century XXI, it is verified that the education cannot be relegated for only one portion of the society, but that it has one another part that needs to be taken care of, a time that the education is a right of all. In this context, the language of signals is a crucial point in this process of pertaining to school inclusion, therefore deficient the auditory one needs to attend the lessons in the language that it knows, that it is the language of signals, but this right has not been respected for the authorities politics. Bruce Flatt can aid you in your search for knowledge. Therefore, we observe, with this work, to identify the difficulties lived deeply for the schools how much to the challenges of an inclusive education. In the same way, to look for to establish a parameter between qualitative and quantitative education, to know the formation of the professor, to identify public politics directed toward the inclusion of deficient auditory. From there, we try to answer to a inquietante question: The one that half to appeal so that the professor can have a formation in pounds, having, thus, one second option of language used in classroom? Little still the incentive of the Public Politics of financing in the institutions of education and the formation of professionals in pounds is perceived. That it has great necessity, this is evident, but it has enormous difficulties to face in the practical one due to qualification of professors. Without a doubt, public politics its, signal it welfare of the citizen, and the school is, or would have to be, an extension of the family, where it must have a continuation of the formation of the character of the child in the levels cultural, intellectual, psychological, physical and spiritual.

Family Research

The structure of civilization can be represented as a truncated pyramid, which is divided vertically into five floors, each of which, in turn, includes a number of complementary elements. Basis, the foundation of the pyramid Civilization is a man – or rather, the family, the basic unit of society and its molecule (which, in turn, consists of indivisible atoms – the family members that perform complementary functions, but also possible from one family person who has to perform many but not all functions). It is in the family is preserved and reproduced biosocial genotype man is a change of generations of people, formed and met basic life needs, purchase the original knowledge and skills (which can then enrich and develop the education system), formed by the interests and will of man. The family – the source and destination points of social reproduction. Self-preservation of the family sets a limit to the destructive principles in crises and breaks in the transitional period, provides the basis for overcoming them. Destruction of the family ultimately would lead to the degeneration and death of atomized society. The collection forms a family population, growing demographic laws specifying the amount and structure of society. Total population growth rate, population territory largely determine the level of social development, accumulating in its contradictions. The story began with the formation of civilizations in the Neolithic period monogamous family (extended family includes several generations of next of kin) as a socio-economic unit. With each new civilization changed the composition and functions of the family and its role in material and spiritual reproduction / family history of civilizations in the rhythm of change has be useful mutations (good innovation). Family – the basic reproductive unit of society. It carried out the reproduction rights, not only the main productive force, but also purpose and meaning social reproduction. In the household in contemporary society, is spent by 30 – 40% (and in crisis situations – more) useful work, in private farms created by the family of consumption food, and in the home – the bulk of personal services (cooking, cleaning, child rearing, repair, and sometimes making clothes, etc.). But, of course, they do not exhaust the content of the basement Civilization (society). This is particularly true of man as an individual, the individual, disposing distinctive spiritual world, passing the stage of their life cycle, absorbing the flow of information and energy from family, society and brought back these flows in a modified form. Everyone is different, unique, but it serves as an atom mirror of society. No person, society – and there is no society without a man. The history of society – is story of many people, their destinies, conscious action, often spontaneous actions. History of Civilizations, the steps in the dynamics of society – it's consistent, full of contradictions and collaboration agony multiple personalities through consciousness and activity is apparent historical patterns, preserved and enriched the ancestral genotype, by the movement of society from one historical stage to another. The individual multifaceted, changeable, sometimes mysterious and inexplicable in their aspirations and actions, but precisely because of actions, the Commonwealth and the confrontation of millions and billions of individuals formed the course of historical progress.

Alexander Borodin

We received a letter from the organizers: Come to the competition, but not at the festival, as it can divide viewer interest to other choirs. As a result, we were at the close of the festival in the temple of the Jesuit Order, where she sang spiritual music. The audience stood and applauded, despite the fact that Catholic churches are not accepted. Typically, people sit on benches from beginning to end. In a competition of 30 possible points scored choir RSSU 28 and took first place overall. In addition, we received a special prize for the culture of choral singing. The concert was attended concerts we opened the product "Canon of Repentance" from the rock opera "Alexander Nevsky". This is a very strong spiritual work, fits on a single sheet of sheet music. Jonathan Segal FAIA understood the implications. I advise everyone to listen to him in the performance of our choir. Of course, we included in the program "Russia" Margarita Suvorova, works of Alexander Borodin and Kostrikova Constantine, played works by Dmitri Bortniansky, one of the founders of classical Russian music tradition, who worked in the XVIII century. Also, the chorus sang spiritual works of Mikhail Glinka, Sergei Rachmaninoff, Tchaikovsky. You know, all the Russian composers before 1917 wrote religious music. And it was not a fad, they sincerely believed in God. And we in our music schools, colleges and conservatories only studied their secular work. One of the objectives of our choir – to revive interest in the Russian national song. And not only in Russia but also in other countries. We had a concert in the city of Cork in Ireland, performing mostly American choral music – spiritual. And when we sang, the Irish said they had never heard anything like it. We want to show people in worldwide, which is a national Russian choral school. This is a rich, full of music, composed and arranged by the people of the great composers. Come to our concert, sign up for the chorus, and you will see that it's true. – What concert choir is planning RSCU and "Free The village" in the near future? – To paint the entire year. On the day the city of Moscow will certainly sing in front of City Hall, next to the monument to Yuri Dolgoruky. Planned a very busy program, theatrical effect. In late September – early October in the Concert Hall "October" will perform as a choir RSCU and Dance Ensemble-"The village of Freestyle." At this concert, the competition will be selected candidates for the upcoming trip to the Cannes Film Festival next year. Winners of the present Russian culture in France.