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Vasilievsky Island is one of the major ensembles banks of the Neva. Here the river is divided into large and small Neva. From the square along them apart Universitetskaya embankment and embankment Makarova. According to the developed in the years 1716-1720 AD Trezzini building plans Vasilevsky Island, the center St. Petersburg had to accommodate it zdes.Proekt Trezzini provided for the establishment here of a large cathedral, but it has not been implemented. From 1720h's in the northern part of the square of St. Petersburg shopping port.V beginning of the XIX century, the area planned out architect Tom de Thomon. Its redevelopment was made possible after the bank was spiked soil at 123.5 meters in the river side.

Created conch was created for the front marina seaport. Construction works were carried out "by the Commission on the construction of exchange buildings and taxation shores of the Neva stone." Center of the architectural ensemble of the area since 1810 is the Stock Exchange building. Left and right of Exchange – the building of the former port warehouses (warehouses). On both sides of the square on the project by Thomas de Tomona placed rostral columns. Stock Exchange building broke the area into two parts.