Liz Taylor

Soothes, cools, causing a feeling of sadness. Of all blue color spectrum is the most beloved. A room with blue walls will seem more spacious – blue visually enlarges the space. Blue is ideally suited for the expression of revelations – it is believed that he inspires confidence. Dark blue is associated with dignity, noble origin (blue blood), high social status and position in society, symbolizes power and success. Blue color – a symbol of fidelity, faith and hope. The blue color has similar characteristics with the blue, because can not say that blue exists in itself, and not a shade of blue.

Since the blue more intense, the quality of the blue it worse. Purple – the color of the heavy and has a vast impact on the psyche – creates a sense of gloom and can cause apathy. See more detailed opinions by reading what Charles Schwab
offers on the topic.. Dark saturated color purple is often used in the clothing of priests – it still called a "bishop" in color. Dark purple is associated with the idea of a mysterious and spiritual, he is serious and noble. But speaking of color, never forget, it's all about nuances.

For example, a dark purple bear somewhat depressive character, and a lighter shade – the color of lavender – a feeling of a certain romantic mystery. The color lavender gentle and calm, often used in advertising products for women. Lavender and Violets have a romantic appeal. Still, purple mixed feelings and that is why quite often used in advertising. It often creates a sense of drama, but I doubt very much that famous violet eyes Liz Taylor will cause someone a sense of gloom and oppression. Gray is neutral. He lacks the warmth coming from him an icy coldness. Grey formal and full of dignity – he does not shout about themselves, such as red and does not emphasize on the attention of both orange. Few can call it a favorite, or, conversely, to say that they hate – gray is neutral – free from emotional reaction to it. Silver color creates a sense of eksklyuzivnosti.Svetlye colors seem softer, the air and cause a feeling of tranquility and peace. Dark colors contribute to the concentration. Bright colors – intense blue, red, yellow, Orange – attract attention. They are often used in advertising and packaging. It is important to know that the color combination is an independent psychological and emotional, not a mechanical sum of the effects of each of them separately.