Pure Reason

Being that, philosophy is concepts that cannot be explained in the empiricist and is pure theory. Other sciences even go the problem innumerable times, ties to certify its veracity, also has a difference here, therefore metaphysics does not work under simple concepts. Here it has the constatao of that it a posteriori has elements that they are a priori (REASONING) and (EXPERIENCE) of the knowledge. The citizen, to Observar it exerts on the object a power of which makes a collection of sensible data; through the sensation and of the perception. Thus, the mathematics and the physics for Kant had grown while science, when the scientists had perceived, exactly implicitly, that the reason is who commands objects and I do not oppose it (Copernicana Revolution). Learn more about this with Jonathan Segal FAIA. The agreement possesss of a priori or rational form the rules to know. Metaphysics is a priori and rational, it the sensation or perception is not given in. We can have idea of totality of world, God and Soul and not know it.

Kant considered similar inversion in philosophy. Until then, the theories consisted of adjusting the reason human being to the objects, that were, so to speak, ' ' center of gravidade' ' of the knowledge. Hear from experts in the field like Doug Band for a more varied view. Kant considered the opposite: the objects, from, would have there that to regulate themselves for the citizen, that would be the depositary of the forms of the knowledge. The laws would not be in the things of the world, but in the proper man; they would be spontaneous facultieses of its transcendental nature. As Kant it affirms in the preface of the second edition of the Critical one of the Pure Reason: ' ' So far one assumed that all our knowledge had that to regulate itself for objects; however all the attempts of by means of concepts establishing something a priori on the same ones, through what it would extend our knowledge, had failed under this presupposition.

Fundamental Themes

In the "subcritical" Kant makes between "Universal Natural History and Theory of the sky", which is supplemented in some detail by Laplace, and to this day remains one of the most popular cosmological hypotheses. The "critical" period marked by the development of philosophical works: Critique of Pure Reason "Critique of Practical Reason" and "Critique of Judgement," the creation of which Kant defines as the Copernican revolution in philosophy. According to Jonathan Segal FAIA, who has experience with these questions. The essence of this revolution is the assertion that, contrary to the traditional view, no way of organizing thinking in line with the forms of existence of objects, but rather a world of objects, as we know it, consistent with the forms of organization of our thinking. "What should I know?" "What can I hope?" "What should I do?" Addressing these issues, he thought, should lead us to the answer to the fourth – the big question: "What is a man? ". The problem that puts Kant, lies in the fact that the universality of propositions can not be based on empirical experience, as always takes us far beyond it. This means that the necessary and universal synthetic judgments have no right to exist.

And yet they exist. Kant believes that this paradox – the lack of any reason for the enthusiastic attitude to them or for their radical rejection; the subject of his Critique of Pure Reason is a detailed analysis of the process of forming such opinions. In the process of learning involves two "partner": a sensual experience and reasoning mind. If you need and the universality of our judgments are not derived directly from experience, but, nevertheless, obviously they are present, then they are moved by reason, because they have nowhere to take more. According to Kant, the categories are initially inherent in human consciousness the universal scheme of organizing experience.

Kant's categories are in the "gap" between the stream of sensory impressions and universal universal constructs a priori synthetic judgments. Unity and universality of such judgments are provided solely by categories as universal principles of systematizing mind. The main function of categories he considers not just analytic and synthetic. In the process of learning through categories of intelligence carries fusion (union) of disparate sensory impressions into stable coherent packages, which are objects our judgments. It is from these "designer" to our consciousness by the laws of the categorical synthesis consists of objects and the object world, which is in contrast to the undifferentiated (and therefore, unknowable) world of "things in itself "becomes a real object of our cognition.


Internet We can testify the birth of a so important vehicle when the press of Gutemberg? clearly, making the had ratios and distinctions of time and place. The Internet has the condo to join to a click the past and the gift, without bigger efforts – we can thus see that our gift vastly was widened. The concept of gift, passed and future depends on our reasoning and knowledge and the Internet all disponibilizou remote past to our gift. It also has, it is clearly, those things that always go to follow the man, any benefit always comes folloied of its curses – (the airplane for transport and as bombing) therefore, it has that to have a bigger care. Line sees the games on, spans, available and without controls, to condition the young. Creating at the same time easinesses of if becoming one ‘ ‘ informado’ ‘ or one ‘ ‘ consumista’ ‘. We can deepen knowing – we can in a half time find historical and diverse truths – we can enrich our lives and form concepts deep, or we can losing in them for all always.

A new vision fits now of as this can didactically be taught. Who is professor who sees the chance to use this new tool, and who is not that it looks for to learn to reason clearly in way. Joeb Moore is often mentioned in discussions such as these. She sees – also – for where if directs this easiness – all, without exception, telephony companies, are at the present moment, trying to directly make possible the use of the Internet from the devices of cellular, that is, will have an inexhaustible source of useful and or ponographic information to the reach of the hand, in any place of the planet and any time, always in intelligible way – because we can translate of any language, for the language of our agreement. Everything that appears gratis – pparently -, has a price. But knowing to use it has of if paying the price just, for this new and would revolutionize tool. He is fantastic that it is thus – let us use to advantage, therefore this new vision of world.

Therefore the young when dominating these tools with bigger disembarrassment, believes that they can move world and to manipulate people to its will. You unite, as all young always make? independently, of this or that time where they live. But later? we discover? almost always many discover, that more the discovery of another reality aches in they themselves. The world is not moved to its will, the people do not submit themselves to its whims, and this is truth for all, indistinctly? even though for that it withholds all power of the world. Thus it is patent that always we will be who we must adapting in them to the world and, when very, must induce to the others to accept our ideas or to our form of life. Doug Band spoke with conviction. But always understanding and respecting that the final decision is of our interlocutor because in it if must its individuality, freedom and independence. To this we call pacific convivncia. Apolinario de Araujo Albuquerque River.


No wonder M. Joeb Moore & Partners often addresses the matter in his writings. Lomonosov said: ‘How’s hard to believe the base! ” Therefore, fathers should not spare effort and time to explain to children that the basis of the above formula of the law due time, at the beginning of ‘reasonable, good, eternal,’ which was, is and will be in a variety of books on the truth of the interrelated elements of coexistence of past, present and future in every Mige being considered in the motion. “Seek out around the beginning and you will understand much (Prutkov) ‘. In it, as William Shakespeare wrote in Sonnet 11, is all the wisdom of life. In the Bible it is written: ‘This is the knowledge and wisdom for your soul.

If you found it, then there is a future. ” Generally, as noted by Galileo, wisdom is the ability to go from true general to specific. And yet, Galileo pointed out: ‘The highest wisdom – to know yourself. ” Therefore, fathers who care about the future of their children, it is necessary to develop children’s ability to make this truth of regular, practice of facing the people findings. Developing this ability in children fathers upon the children will develop the ability to see, recognize, appreciate these findings by others, and, most importantly, take these findings Fathers who are trying to convey to their children. And as you know – there is nothing practical than a good theory. And one of such connecting theory and practice of the findings is very important for fathers and children’s conclusion: ‘Hold positive in its negative, the contents of the prerequisites – in its result, that’s what is most important to a reasonable knowledge (G. Hegel).

” That is able to find the positive in life, experience, fathers, especially important for the children themselves. It is this capacity is a prerequisite for them to move forward. And long before our parents knew, ‘Do not go ahead – means going back’. The famous physicist Richard Feynman said: ‘Mathematics – is a language plus reasoning, as it were, language and logic together … With the help of mathematics can bind one statement to another. ” Therefore, the formula law due time to help fathers and children not only see the relationship of truth arising from the interconnected coexistence of elements of the past, present and future life in each Mige conclusions, but the incoherence of the provisions and the conclusions that can slip, to inspire, imposed by the children, trying to smokescreen words of civilization drop the parents and children into barbarism. * Justification of the name of the law is contained in a previously published article, the author of ‘Shakespeare’s Mirror’.

Ren Discardings

Madness that never I wrote for me. Half sleeping, half waked up, in that threshold permeado between conscientious and the unconscious one, the vises of come me to the infinite, as that in flashes blown up in the retina. For I identify them to times, nor that it is for fractions of second. In the majority of them, it is alone the feeling of what I did not make. They will be neurological collections of my last instability? I do not know and perhaps never it has this reply. But that there, this troublesome me, yes, and very! Many of these vises, follow that me since boy, are perhaps proceeding from madness.

That madness that makes in them to doubt our proper capacity to create what already he is ours and we do not only take ownership of the object of this act of the autocriao. In Discardings, ' ' Primeira&#039 meditation; ' , reality and madness are always subjects to be explored. It suggests that the man is not wild, only represents for itself less likely things, but in dream, while they make it to those during the vigil. A vacuum between the Real and the false one appears there, where the insane person would dream waked up, corresponding then the dreams to the false insane people, whereas the sensible and momentary world would be the true one. Immediately afterwards it retakes the reasoning when it the same places dream and vigil in platform, therefore that the representation of both is of the same quality.

It is the sensible world and of the dream arriving at our mind. The onricas vises and of the sensible world, in fact, arrive in them at the mind with the same quality; when we look at an object, forms it image in our brain and the image is the same one of the dream. If it does not find distinction clear of what it is vigil and of what is sleep. Where the certainty of if being waked up, when as many times we deceive in them? If this state of sleep is similar to the one of an insane person or demented person, what it makes in them to discern that we are not dreaming, that is, that we are not wild? Here, I stop to reflect: I follow in ' ' I cogitate, I raise sum' ' (I think, then I exist) of Ren Discardings, larded with Foucault in ' ' I, that I think, cannot be louco' '? I do not know, but I continue in mine desvario of waked up and slept dreams


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