Slender Man

Do you want mark abdominal and delete the tummy in a few moments? Men can already use the secret weapon that women have been using for many years to look thin and with a slender silhouette: the fajamasculina. Secret: Spandex within the women’s costumes, the Strip is used as inner garment underneath clothing to collapse, define and get a figure stylized with harmonious and soft curves. Now, this popular garment among celebrities and stars of TV and film, is also also available for men. Like the Strip for women, this garment allows men instantly eliminate the extra pounds and look an athletic figure. Therefore, a garment indispensable in your wardrobe if you really want to look spectacular. as a related topic. One of the best-known brands is Spanx. Recently launched in the market the male version of the Strip, an inner shirt in cotton whose objective is to compress and comfortably say breast, reduce the stomach, improve posture and delete packages below the clothing. This type of underwear, as that is the case for women, helps to instantly solve a problem with which many men are identified: the floats known around the waist and bulging belly. Many men have already discovered its benefits and although they do not speak of this garment, are already buying it in stores and also on the Internet. It is the best kept secret to project a good image. Other brands that have similar garments for men are Sculpteeso Equmen. T-shirts you can find them in different colors and types of neck, and the price ranges between $50 and $60. With the passage of the years, all want to have a physical image that look young and in shape. I personally think that it is a good investment to feel attractive and safe, especially if you are going to a job interview or you have an important event. The only disadvantage of the product, is that you late or early you have to cope with reality when you take you off this shirt. Therefore, the secret to project your best image, is not only used clothing that makes you look better, as elSpanx, but also adopt a healthy lifestyle, with a diet rich in vegetables and fruits and daily exercise.

Mexican Silver

The trend of using fashion accessories are gaining much popularity. Shopping malls and numerous points of sale of jewels are flooded with very varied designs embellishments. The use of jewelry design that complements your wardrobe can make that you look absolutely amazing. You can add a look artistic and exclusive appearance. Apart from jewelry made with machines, there is a sudden explosion of the handmade jewelry on the market. These hand-made ornaments definitely enhance the beauty in general. The handmade jewelry can be differentiated according to unique patterns, colors and design. Mexico is well known for creating the best quality of handmade jewelry. The country has one of the largest silver mines that produce a significant percentage of silver and has several artisans. Mexican jewelry uses natural materials such as turquoise, amber, jade, coral and silver. This jewelry is composed of silver in its pure form. This explains exactly why exclusive pieces of silver jewelry shines much and it attracts people. Mexican jewelry uses much stones color and silver, as well as it is known the Mexican culture full of life and color. We can find necklaces of stones like amber, coral, obsidian, which can be used with a dress of night or a casual day, what is certain is that it draws much attention. Distinctive motifs and materials used in the production of handmade jewelry offers the most breathtaking vision you’ve always wanted to have. If you are using exclusive handmade jewellery, then obviously the people focuses on you. With its varied collection that exists in artisanal jewelry design, you can conveniently make selections according to their tastes and personalized interests. Jewelry has been used for many years, they found jewels of the Mayans, Aztecs, Egyptians and other cultures. Now with the change of life and fashion styles and its highly innovative development and exclusive. Artisan jewelry adapts to these changes and comes in several vibrant colors and is known as accessories of leading fashion in the market.


Recommendations for miniwarehouses if you need to move you but you don’t have enough space in your new home, keep in mind that leave everything to the last minute can complicate the process and make your move an Odyssey. A good choice to make things easier is to apply for the rent of a portable minibodega, since this will help in the storage of your belongings as long as you decide. One of the advantages of renting a portable minibodega is storage capacity, because it is that you have a business and you want to store your merchandise or simply want a place to park your car in the absence of garage in your new home, the miniwarehouses are able to respond to your needs of space. In a minibodega you can store from your car to a yacht and even increase your home space, already that if you need an extra room, for example, can rent a minibodega, to place table, bed, wardrobe, sofas, lamps, etc. The organization in a minibodega to take advantage of the floor space in a minibodega, can put you foot and cover everything with a blanket. If your upholstery is leather, seeks to do not put objects on top or they could be marked. In terms of beds, you can disarm them, but don’t forget to list the parts unless you have very good memory. And refrigerators must be clean. Remember that the minibodega is a closed space and if there is no enough hygiene odors and bacteria can concentrate. If there are empty spaces in your refrigerator advantage to place small items, so you will have more space. Glass items should be wrapped separately in plastic bubble. You can do this when needed. Tie them with a thick thread and tag them with fragile legend. Place them in the corners of the minibodega. Tables, lamps, electrical appliances and documents have to be in different boxes that identify them, especially if they are fragile. Care for them from the humidity and moths if they are made of wood. Documents stored in boxes of the same size to maximize space well. Thus shalt thou more space in your wine cellar. The miniwarehouses and the moving when you need to make a move in a rented minibodega, don’t leave everything to the last, with a little organization and methodology it will be an easy and quick process. Besides that you have to acquire a service and reliable methodology, because thus you will help your own satisfaction. To rent a minibodega for moving you have to think in a move in advance, which is not complicated and concrete well the days in which could be carried out. He cares much until the day in which everyone has to pick up their belongings to pack them, you’ll need to have selected well what you use and that you will not use more. Old things you can donate or sell them to companies that need them. Source: Press release sent by gominis.


I started to think perhaps that she was being very hard with the Edu and that perhaps if left I it to participate, knowing it I know as it and knowing that it only to see wants me well, I perhaps could decide two problems so badly faced by me: The critical one of it (therefore always I found it dressed that me ) and the fact of being more magrinha as was not well before and that to take care of necessary me! I cannot dress more me with any part! I arrived in house, I rested, after a good bath and with on TV in the game of the Athletical one (thus it would only come until the room) I called it and said: – Knows, the SQUADRON of the FASHION (a program of closed canal on fashion where two estilistas show for definitive person that its choices are maken a mistake with relation its clothes) therefore then, today I go experi to mentar the wardrobe all (that thanks to God he is not great) and vc go to say what is pretty and what will not be well in me will not dress more, ok to me? Half scared, and skeptic of that position so submissa but being able to attend the end of the game, accepted! People, that delight! I was, dressing part for part and we were talking above all! what before he was ‘ ‘ perdido’ ‘ in the questions that it made and that I without no humildade obtained to catch it was if clarifying! I made um’ ‘ limpa’ ‘ knows of a thing, it was CERTAIN in everything! Therefore, I suggest this moment for vcs will the same have probleminha that I HAD, for being proud and not to think that it to see only wanted me better and not to chatear me! We laugh very, I am more confident and it if felt heard! The happy end of this sunday already is recorded in our history. IT SWIMS AS THE DIALOGUE, IS NOT! (probleminha decides any that we costumamos to become PROBLEMO) Well, where enters Chanel in everything this? It has a phrase in the book that says thus: EITHER VC BUT ALWAYS LOVE! She was determinadora for my attitude. They try, the result is simply delicious! For today it arrives, later story more adventures. A kiss!.