Roman Marihbeyn

For its implementation will have to attract experienced professionals: consultants, architects and designers, and engineers. As buildings have their own clearly defined characteristics, the solution of problems in each case individually. Requirements of local authorities and the supervisory authorities may also vary. And what's inside? In order to meet modern building requirements in addition to planning, it is necessary to put in order communication. Modernization of engineering systems entails several difficulties. The main problem – the essential differences of the old systems running water, sewerage, heating and ventilation of the modern. For example, in homes with a fireplace and central heating heating and ventilation functions were combined at the expense of system chimneys, pipes and vents.

In such buildings, communication must be created anew. Particular attention in the reconstruction of historic buildings should be paid to the foundation, which is often in disrepair, threatening the collapse of the monument. The reason for this may be neotkachivaemoy accumulation of water or the proximity of groundwater, as well as – microscopic concussion from the flow of vehicles and the subway. "The engineering equipment, which is an integral part of any life support system of the building (including drainage, necessary for salvation from the destruction of the basement with water), at work can create a fairly large fluctuations, – says Roman Marihbeyn, Engineer grundfos (manufacturer of pumping equipment). – Historic buildings are not designed for such an effect, so the reconstruction of these facilities is important to arrest such vibrations. As an option, for units can offer arrangement massive plinths.

Urban Furniture

Recycled Flagsa. Recycled plastic products (urban furniture) Esteban Terradas, 9 1 B. 28036 Madrid. Flagsa recycled SL company dedicated to the manufacture and sale of furniture from waste plastics converting the waste problem in a social benefit. Our philosophy is to take advantage of those plastics that because they do not serve to create new elements that may be needed in urban roads.

Our main products of recycled urban furniture are, but in Flagsa recycled also work the recycling of plastics in other fields: insulating thermal and acoustic signalling road facilities and safety, livestock, agricultural and port construction and industrial facilities our urban furniture urban furniture the different elements that are installed the thoroughfares of cities form it. Within any element of urban architecture design there are different materials for their manufacture and design. Flagsa recycled are used for the manufacture of furniture mainly recycled material. Among our portfolio of urban furniture products emphasize: bollards, canopies, islets, planters and lane dividers.