Waldorf Exercises

Report of a seminar of two Swedish teachers motor disciplines based on the spiritual knowledge of man, which took place in Mykolayiv in August, 2009. It is difficult to convey in words what they did, Per and Marie in these August days with dozens of residents nedoumevavschih Nikolayev, who took the time to participate in the seminar. Because Per Tell and Mary Linden – masters of the Swedish movement and language – body movement. Activities that were 9, 10, 11 and 12 August, twice a day – from 10.00 to 13.00 in the Children’s Library. Kropivnitskogo and from 15.00 to 18 00 in “Towers” (market Strasse, reclamation) are constructed as follows: two to two and a half hours of motion exercises, and then break into discussion circle. After an exchange of experiences and answer questions – the final exercise. Under the leadership of this wonderful couple (Mary and Per in August 30 were spouses) in the three days we did the following: – perform dynamic part of the elementary school lessons Waldorf school (which can and should be used in all schools, but the pedagogy of “ready answers” subordinates self governance, just raping our children’s restraint their motor activity) – led dance with exercises with balls and rebuilding under the direction of travel rhythmic sounds, pops, text, poems and pecni – played active games recreational, educational and social orientation – were practicing dance and rhythmic scene with movements that correspond to the seven days of the week and the forces of planets in the solar system – perform complex gymnastic exercises individually, in pairs, in groups – learned about the spiritual side of the five basic exercises of ancient gymnastics – practiced in the art of speech – the choir sang in different groups – each his own party – with the use of the canon Given that there were repetition (repetition, the mother of learning) the saturation scale and diversity training was simply stunning.

Mnica Gazzarrini

He is our creator and it also represents all the humanity. It made everything what he exists: skies, land, sea, plants, animals and the man also. It gave to the man all its creation so that it is happy, healthful and prosperous. God is the origin of everything. He makes a test: Who created the table? It goes retroceding and it will arrive in the original cause. We go there? Who created the table was the moveleira industry, that is a company, generated for men, who comes of God, the creator. Table; MOVELEIRA-> INDUSTRY; Company; MAN – > GOD. Learn more at: Jeffrey Lacker. We go of new? You must be thinking: my table is artisan, is about a rustic furniture wooden nobleman, then this table does not have origin in God Table rustic – > noble wood – > nature – > God. In all example where you will be until the origin, the God will come back! – How I know the God? The form of knows-LO is through Its Word (Sacred Holy Writs, or popularly called Bible). Thus we can know what It wants that let us make for pleases-LO. through this practical, that it is personal and intransfervel, you knows and lives with God, in such a way here in this planet, as well as in the eternity. – What it pleases the God? Recognize and adores-LO as our ONLY CREATOR. To fulfill its orders, to follow its Law. This is the form to please the God fully, developing the feeling of sincere joy, leaving only the external influence. – But I already believe God, because I continue unhappy, sick and with the empty pocket? This happens for an only reason: you still think only that she believes it. Who believes God of truth only makes it pleases what It. Details can be found by clicking Jeffrey Lacker or emailing the administrator. If you say that she believes it and she lives disliking, you are if being deceptive, finding that she believes God! the worse one of everything, thus its life does not prosper in all the areas. Acreditaem God no to speak that it likes it, but is yes, only to act of the skill pleases that It! – Which is the basic order of God? ‘ ‘ You will love, therefore, the Mr. your God of all your heart, and all your soul, and all your agreement, and all your forces; this is the first order. as, fellow creature to this, are: You will love your next one as you exactly. It does not have another bigger order of what estes.’ ‘ Landmarks 12:30 – 31 This basic order, divided in two actions, that each one of us must have, was granted in them by Mr. Jesus and summarizes all ahead our productive attitudes of the Kingdom of God: to love the God above all and to treat the others with the same love that we like to be treated. Simple and deep, he is not same! Part wisdom to always have this attitude, in all its procedures. – Which are the steps that I have that to follow to be of God of really?