Though and Language Development

The present article aims at to develop greater knowledge on the board subject development the thought and of the language. However, it has as objective to search to identify possible doubts that come to occur on development of the thought of the language and its evolution before the society, and also to construct a logical reasoning by means of the studied and analyzed estimated ones, on the other hand, have as also objective to propitiate each individual that eventually will come to carry through research on of the linguistic development of the child. The present article will be published way socialized Internet and by means of round table, thus aiming at to contribute with the learning of academics and researchers whom they search to develop greater understanding in relation to the subject in question and still to contribute with science. 2 DEVELOPMENT OF THE THOUGHT AND THE LANGUAGE The development of the thought and the language has origin and different trajectories of development, but, in determined moment these trajectories if join for the communication necessity and information exchange enters the individuals of one same society, being thus, opts to developing this work from acquired information. From the studies carried through for Vygotsky (1989) on the evolution of the species human being (filognese) and the evolution of the individual (ontognese) one noticed that the relation between thought and language passes for varies changes.

This relation aims at to the modification of the subject front to the consideraes of factors historical partner. Add to your understanding with FCC. The filogentica history of intelligence practises is narrowly on, not only in the domain of the nature, but to the domain of the proper individual. The history of the work and the history of the language hardly could be understood one without the other. The man not only created the work instruments, with whose aid he submits it its power the forces of the nature, as well as the stimulatons, that activated and regulated the proper behavior, that submitted its yoke its proper forces (VYGOTSKY 1989, p.84).