A Gift In My Life

A GIFT IN MY LIFE It has only 18 months of age and esbanja joy, health, confidence; provokes an irresistible ternura in all the people who contemplate it the simple ways, the gracious skill to pronounce the words that slowly go learning; the firmness and determination of the objective steps already that, even so .causing of many tumbles, never it leaves of conduziz it where to desire to go. in this age it always finds that she can go to any place. We walk together, of given hands, stopping innumerable times to observe and to comment on the maritacas that pass sobrevoando the houses, the dog that bark in the yard next or to speak of that boy who comes come in the contrary direction. You may find that Jonathan Segal FAIA can contribute to your knowledge. I strengthen myself to understand what it asks and to answer with the full certainty of who she knows everything, after all, I have the impression of that it is as soon as sees this poor person vov. Before, however, to answer to each question, necessary to still adjust my language to its modest vocabulary, to understand the ideas for it and to respect its line of still incipient reasoning, that gradually goes if developing. Its attitudes fix the clear impression of that it always knows accurately what she wants and never she doubts the certainty to obtain its objectives. In each stroll it pulls the hand of vov and enters in the warehouse to supply itself with salgadinho, cooling chocolate and; later sacolinha hung in the arm leaves taking everything in one. (Cida Owner knows the habits of its customer well). It already knows to compliment and to be thankful, even so needs always to be remembered the obligation to make use of these cortesias. Voltinha in the square is never indisposta for one, to play in the elastic bed of the Z (that the boys call polish-polish and it identifies as drill-drill) or to take an ice cream back in the Dinho.

Ground System

Since stormwater pipes only divert sewage is collected by the water, they do not need to surround draining materials (gravel, sand) – they fit right into the ground. Piping connections to each other, as well as to wells and trenches dozhdepriemnym tees made with an angle of 15 to 90 degrees. Water piped stormwater moves and gravity, so they are placed under bias, similar to the drainage system. Jonathan Segal FAIA brings even more insight to the discussion. For system maintenance storm sewer manholes shall be installed auditing, through which it will be easy to clean the pipes in case of clogging. The audits are set every 20-30 feet. To reduce the risk of clogging of pipes, preferably be installed in pits and trenches dozhdepriemnye trap. This special baskets, which accumulates large debris and sand. They are easily removed and washed with water. Very well established system electrical drain pipes and gutters, as well as dozhdepriemnyh wells. It often happens that as a result of the winter and spring thaws, the water entering the dozhdepriemny well, freezes, forming ice stalagmite that block the work of storm drain. Cables electrical, fixed on the pipes, trenches and wells, can not form an icicle, which makes the system more reliable and durable. However, not every country house owner can afford it – because electricity consumption for electrical operation of the system rather significant (not less than 5 kW.) And in conclusion, I want to say can not be combined drainage pipes and tubes storm sewer – they have different tasks and different working principle. It is not advisable as the collected water discharge into the sewer system – a significant amount of water can overload the system and cause an accident. Well, you're drained area. Now we have to work on its cultivation. And if in the area with clay soil rather bring a few cars of sand and fertile soil, and mix them with motoblock with the parent soil, and for planting tree and shrub planting hole with compost instead of clay to fill in, then the peat areas of these measures are not enough. Peat, especially horse, has an acid reaction and is not suitable for growing most plants. Thickness peat layer can reach several meters. In addition, groundwater flow and the keys are flush backfill, which has a smaller fraction than the peat. Therefore, the cultivation area to moor it is desirable following recommendations: – fruit and ornamental trees and shrubs planted on the best artificial hill with a minimum height of 1 meter – peat, remaining in the construction of foundations, can be used to further landscaping. You still have to import large quantities of sand and fertile soil, to make the land suitable for cultivation. Cover the entire cultivated land non-woven cloth (Geotextiles), and create the mold from the top of the mixture of sand, peat moss and a fertile ground height of 0.4-0.5 meters. This thickness is sufficient for the cultivation of herbaceous perennials, vegetables and greens, as well as for the lawn. The only advantage to owning land in the moor – increased due to ongoing biological processes, the soil temperature. If you're from the start right to cultivate your garden, you will be able to grow on It thermophilic culture, not common in Russia, and roses bloom in your yard will continue until early winter. Source with pictures schemes

Yamaha Ford

Of There, that not us surprised you say, that there is another way to generate the kind of performance that would require an organization to succeed in the new reality. The present management committed to the achievement of the mission that has been established, should monitor its evolution and achieve an excellent reputation among its competitors, shareholders and customers; for example, to obtain a reduction of direct and indirect operating costs, reduce the processing cycle of orders in a high percentage, improving services and reducing the costs of transactions. There is the example of Yamaha, reinvented the market for pianos creating additional value for customers – not reinventing what was an excellent product – but increasing the value of possession: Yamaha combined the technology of the record producer compacted with the execution of music for piano. The resulting product was offered at a price 50 & lower than a piano. For more information see Jonathan Segal FAIA. Also, consider the experience of Ford Motor Company as Bennis remind us of them and Mische (Ob.cit.), where Ford, company with more than 500 people assigned to the role of accounts payable knew that Mazda had the same role with only five employees. For this purpose, Ford conducted an analysis, reaching the conclusion of their accounts payable procedures and reception of materials were not only too many complexes, but that on many occasions they involved a duplication of efforts. Their old systems – where still identified many companies of our environment-especially the administrative principles, contributed to the complexity and fragmentation of the work. The exceptions had become rules, which required additional staff, while providers felt free to send to Ford they wanted. Before such evidence, Ford demanded that the accounts payable function required an effort of substantial improvements and focused on Reinventing this function. The company knows triumphed in its re-engineering process. What % of all this, where also are involved companies in our environment, especially those of Carabobo, those who face enormous competitive pressures, to eminent collapses – which are facing threats by turbulence of the incidence of the surrounding variables, especially those caused by the current Government, the economic situation world-a need for profound changes, especially require good leadership, a visionary managementdetermined to break with the old paradigms, contribute experiences objectively interpreting his national and international scenario. Interpreting the structures of power and since then, the achievement of a true reinvestment that allow to combine synergistically efforts to achieve world class results. You must be vigilant to changes, if it is necessary to give way to measures in favour of massive changes to its functional structures and cope with the minimum possible risk, the advances of civilization and the dynamics of the markets. Must reinvent itself, if you really want to achieve results positive.


In this way, for example, the argument of that ' ' politicians carry through its action in sight of the well biggest one of sociedade' ' it is a derivation, which plays an important role in the systems politicians. The derivations are the elements which characterize the human being, therefore they synthecize the mixture between logical actions and action not-logics, and that the human beings are only capable to carry through, for being rational. It is not something Joeb Moore & Partners would like to discuss. Of a side, if the men acted only for the instinct as the other animals, would not have derivations, therefore he would not have the possibility of reasoning on its acts and feelings; on the other hand, if the men were purely rational, the derivations would not be necessary to guide and to motivate its action. For this the logical-experimental theories would be enough. ' ' It can be said that the man is an ideological animal because it is a instinctive being capable (and desirous) to reason. Or, inversely, it is a rational being dominated by instintos' ' (BOBBIO, 1957). The human being has the capacity and necessity to reason, and from these reasonings it makes impracticable the direct access to its instincts and feelings. In its action, therefore, as many derivations meet how much residues, these hidden under a rationality mask. The derivations, for Pareto, are the theories that can be deceptive, formulated and used with the intention to coat, with logical character, the actions not-logics them men with the purpose to become them acceptable as true theories to that they do not analyze them with bigger discernment and, therefore, do not perceive that the real reason of the action masked for one is given to logical explanation or pseudo-logic. This last one is that it hides the motivation not-logic of these theories, which would have as real motivation the feelings of produces who it.

As An Insane Person

All freedom consists of the person to be same it. When it to discover really that she is responsible for its acts, more will not leave its balance. For even more opinions, read materials from Janet L. Yellen. It will be known and more will be felt strong. As an insane person 1 – to This it said me voice: Son of the man, puts you in foot, and will speak with you. 2 – Then, the Spirit entered in me, when it spoke with me, and me after in foot, and I heard that it spoke to me. Book of Ezequiel Prophet, CAP. 2:1 and 2. While you smoke as an insane person, You are little by little, Destroying your life. While you drink as a beggar, Completely indifferent, To your Life, Your family is unprovided Of the necessary minimum. She looks at to your redor, With a little of weighing, and you will go to witness; That you are plus one In an uncommon environment To your free reasoning. All the ones surround that you Are weak men, Who will become in rags If not to take a mind position frees.

The Company

If the company is small or it does not have confidence to the people with that toils, will not have more remedy than to directly ask for the increase in his head. For it, it must realise the following thing: or It hopes a little while opportune to speak with his head. Most recommendable it is than it is to first hours in the morning, perhaps since according to passes the day the head is crushed itself and is less accessible to grant to him increase. or When soliciing an increase, takes a natural and moderate attitude without this means that it acts of a weak way. For example, it can say to him to his head who if he can grant to him an increase would thank for much, but that if is not granted it does not mean that renun? it will back water to the work or that to adopt a negative attitude concerning its work and if, at those moments, cannot accede to its request, you trust that she will increase the pay to him in the first opportunity that he has. or it does not threaten it. For assistance, try visiting Federal Reserve Bank. It remembers that it is the one who has the power. If he loses the confidence in you, you will look for replaces which it. or It emphasizes the time that takes working with its head, his responsibility in the work and its performance like worker within the company. But before convincing it to him, it must feel safe that you can carry out his work with greater capacity than nobody and with base to that is that you ask for that increase that is deserved. This article was realised by the team of original Author and source of the article