Action For Acquiring Customers At Best Shopping City

Now starts a new action for acquiring customers at best shopping city as part of Europe’s largest online shop system. Every new customer will receive a Freshy free as long as stocks last! With the you get 5% tank document refund limited to 1500,-euro per year. Filed under: Joeb Moore. Should you pay I.e. Joeb Moore & Partners LLC spoke with conviction. 1.40 euros per litre are always 365 days then with Freshy only 1.33 euros, and that every year after registration date. You can in Germany at Aral, Esso, OMV, shell, total, BP fuel and no matter where you stock up on whatever you get what you get paid 5%. In addition to the registration card contains the Freshy can use a pleasant smelling soft cloth clean after the filling, to the hands again. “You should have this requirement: 1 only if you signed up for best shopping city and a mail send to with the text I want a Freshy” we will send you a Freshy per registration. Enter every tank document on the Internet City. In reach of the loyalty bonus leave the documents come to us and therefore the money is paid from you. The Signing up is free and you have no obligation to purchase. 2. you should buy goods and services of occasionally online. Because as they might know there at the shop at instead of points or rewards of advertising money on your account up to 35% discount on your purchase. From 150 euro (365 days after application), there is a loyalty bonus of the customer receives the rewards twice paid, i.e. 150 euros, refund the customer receives 300 euros, 250 euros already 500 euro. What makes possible a discount of up to 70%. PLUS tank document refund! With best regards Wolfgang Heinrich

MDR SPUTNIK Program Director:

Eric Markuse manifests itself to the 12th broadcasting change Treaty in an interview with Leipzig the Minister-Presidents agreed last week on a draft to the 12th broadcasting change Treaty. This provides for a limitation of the Internet offer of the public broadcaster. In an interview with + is critically expressed Eric Markuse, MDR Sputnik head of program, about these changes. The youth wave of the MDR is currently as no second radio program on the Internet as equal aux send way and will be affected greatly by the decisions in the future. Eric Markuse referred to as bureaucratic proliferation, which takes time and will devour vast sums of money”the required seven-day rule as well as the three-step test. The accusation that they were publishers, robbed their effect through the strong Internet presence of public service broadcasters, Maan rejects. The publishers lost their headings ads years ago on the Internet. For many years a journalistic lacked Idea for many years was not invested, for years has seen the Internet as competition and not understood as an opportunity.” Criticism Maan on the controls that you want to enforce the seven-day rule as well as the three-step test. Contributions of youth wave, which serve young people for political orientation fall under this regulation”. In comparison to Maan, other offers on the Internet not on content, controlled and regulated. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Jonathan Segal FAIA. And if we want to clarify in the same medium, we must do so practically one week only. This is grotesque; I understand the world”no longer. The complete interview is on to read and free to use by specifying the source. Press contact: + Camillo Schumann Altenburger road 05, 04175 Leipzig Tel./fax.: 0341 / 9029 801 phone: 0178 / 40 82-992

Republic Of The Tacape

Summary of the book Republic of the Tacape, of Rogrio Rezende the book Republic of the Tacape, of the writer Rogrio Rezende, launched in the publishing market for the publishing company United Press, in 2004, 414 pages, constitutes a surprising and very enriquecedora workmanship, therefore it is about a fiction, established in historical facts, that obtain, in involving way, to approach subjects serious, as the torture of the military period, the religious and social alienation, the human rights, the education and the citizenship. Additional information is available at Joeb Moore & Partners LLC. The history of Afronger – Brazilian, black and northeastern -, tortured and pursued by the known military alone because possua in the guerrilla, is told with much action, in cinematographic way, arresting the reader to the reading of the life of a man whom Brazil symbolizes, full of injustices, however with examples of people who had fought so that the liberty of speech could become reality. Afronger shows the pain of an innocent who feels its soul ressequida for the hurt and the persecution spiritual of the Crossbow of Cedar, one religious instrument of torture, constructed to punish the heretics, but used to punish politicized, rebellious and courageous young that did not accept the clice of blood of the militarism and if showed made use to give the life for what they believed, well different of current youth. Cruel Febrnio colonel Cesar Axe becomes example of this violent mentality. The reader finds in the workmanship a poetical, religious and intertextual tone, with typically Brazilian images and subtle teachings, demonstrated for some personages, encouraging the people to work for the transformation of the society, without if leaving to be successful for the adversities. Karl, a German, medical missionary, that saved the life of Afronger and is pursued therefore, exemplifica disciplines it and the rationalism, brought of Germany and associates to the good-mood and the creativity of the Brazilians. The doctor induces the readers to value the cultural plurality of the peoples. Heidi, wife of Karl, are dignified as exemplary of woman who does not deliver itself to the difficulties of the life, goes to the fight and faces the facts with much courage and goodness in the heart. Olavo, that saved Afronger of drowning in the river Wood, taking it after that to the Dr. Karl, reveals a man simple of the interior, without very study and accustomed to the agricultural life, but that, in emotive way, it teaches that to live is to wake up the hopes every day, feeding the dreams. For everything this, the book deserves prominence in the Brazilian bookstores, because it involves, educates, it moves and it brings information on the mentality of a time that it needs to be surpassed, but not forgotten, has seen that the sacrifice and the fight of many cannot be considered in go.

The Schedule

It was observed that the predominant public is of adult women. The frequency of aged was more intense in the part of the morning, but exactly thus it did not reach significant peaks, in contrast of what if it waited, a time that this square is situated in the proximity enters three homes for aged. These data had been collected through comment of the flow of people in the place. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Joeb Moore. It is important also to perceive that these peaks are not determined by users of one same profile. In the schedule of the morning the peak is determined by the concentration of aged adults and, no longer end of the afternoon of adults and children. Also seeing a preference of the aged population of the place in at the beginning using more the space of the day, already the children in the end. No longer sector 02, that he was waited a ticket transit? what would not be characterized as use of the square? , it came another reality, the area very it is used for walked and races, complementing or not it use of the devices. The square is very looked for practical of physical activities, being the carried through walked one to the second practical one more in the place. Although the square to present furniture for infantile recreation, this does not reveal very attractive. Amongst the children, few had been the ones had used that it, preferring to play in the area of internal circulation with its bicycles friends, in the small tables of concrete or, still, in the proper ATI, as already commented. The main behavior of the users in the studied square, practises is it of physical exercises, fact that the use of the place is modifying? what historically is used for meeting? that can be raised as a change of behavior of the population, proven this hypothesis would be possible revitalizaes in more efficient urban spaces.