MDR SPUTNIK Program Director:

Eric Markuse manifests itself to the 12th broadcasting change Treaty in an interview with Leipzig the Minister-Presidents agreed last week on a draft to the 12th broadcasting change Treaty. This provides for a limitation of the Internet offer of the public broadcaster. In an interview with + is critically expressed Eric Markuse, MDR Sputnik head of program, about these changes. The youth wave of the MDR is currently as no second radio program on the Internet as equal aux send way and will be affected greatly by the decisions in the future. Eric Markuse referred to as bureaucratic proliferation, which takes time and will devour vast sums of money”the required seven-day rule as well as the three-step test. The accusation that they were publishers, robbed their effect through the strong Internet presence of public service broadcasters, Maan rejects. The publishers lost their headings ads years ago on the Internet.

For many years a journalistic lacked Idea for many years was not invested, for years has seen the Internet as competition and not understood as an opportunity.” Criticism Maan on the controls that you want to enforce the seven-day rule as well as the three-step test. Contributions of youth wave, which serve young people for political orientation fall under this regulation”. In comparison to Maan, other offers on the Internet not on content, controlled and regulated. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Jonathan Segal FAIA. And if we want to clarify in the same medium, we must do so practically one week only. This is grotesque; I understand the world”no longer. The complete interview is on to read and free to use by specifying the source. Press contact: + Camillo Schumann Altenburger road 05, 04175 Leipzig Tel./fax.: 0341 / 9029 801 phone: 0178 / 40 82-992