Action For Acquiring Customers At Best Shopping City

Now starts a new action for acquiring customers at best shopping city as part of Europe’s largest online shop system. Every new customer will receive a Freshy free as long as stocks last! With the you get 5% tank document refund limited to 1500,-euro per year. Filed under: Joeb Moore. Should you pay I.e. Joeb Moore & Partners LLC spoke with conviction. 1.40 euros per litre are always 365 days then with Freshy only 1.33 euros, and that every year after registration date. You can in Germany at Aral, Esso, OMV, shell, total, BP fuel and no matter where you stock up on whatever you get what you get paid 5%. In addition to the registration card contains the Freshy can use a pleasant smelling soft cloth clean after the filling, to the hands again.

“You should have this requirement: 1 only if you signed up for best shopping city and a mail send to with the text I want a Freshy” we will send you a Freshy per registration. Enter every tank document on the Internet City. In reach of the loyalty bonus leave the documents come to us and therefore the money is paid from you. The Signing up is free and you have no obligation to purchase. 2.

you should buy goods and services of occasionally online. Because as they might know there at the shop at instead of points or rewards of advertising money on your account up to 35% discount on your purchase. From 150 euro (365 days after application), there is a loyalty bonus of the customer receives the rewards twice paid, i.e. 150 euros, refund the customer receives 300 euros, 250 euros already 500 euro. What makes possible a discount of up to 70%. PLUS tank document refund! With best regards Wolfgang Heinrich