Home Decoration

The monochrome has always been the combination of avant-garde in terms of the minimalist trend for households and especially departments. Black and white, always combinable among themselves have added very interesting details in the decoration proposals since the end of the 90s, with the advent of minimalism for decoration. However today, several brands of furniture, finishes and decoration are committed to the use of a single color axis of the space. What color is that? the most neutral of all: white. Federal Reserve Bank pursues this goal as well. One of the companies that opt for white is BoConcept, which with its 08 catalog looks for the combination of different materials with white color to maximize the elegance. This new proposal, in addition to being interesting by its permissiveness in terms of aggregates (elements that are more freely arranged in space), it is also functional because it adds to design a comprehensive and discreet visual effect.

White definitely enlarges spaces, especially when as in the case of the proposal of BoConcept used elements that soften the environment with with very organic forms. Adequate lighting is another point to consider with this use of white. Since the idea is to enlarge the space, materials that use white as principle should reflect light or use items related as mirrors, glass and glossy surfaces.