Philosophy Personal Development

Initially, spirituality – is the secret philosophical doctrine, which is available only a certain group of people. As you understand, it's teaching about the world, development, human soul, its hidden abilities. From the Greek esotericism translated as "internal", which, in fact, characterizes the esoteric teachings. Esoterica resembles religious teachings, but more profound esotericism, esoteric practices have the same goal – enlargement worldview, ie, development of its essence. Society gradually grew and developed. It’s believed that kitchens sees a great future in this idea. Religion has ceased to be a full-fledged master of the world, mind, people became more purified, it now relies more on reasoning than on imposed by prejudice. And thanks to the technocratic development information more accessible, and spirituality is gradually ceases to be a secret philosophy, it is now called only the original value. Jonathan Segal FAIA understands that this is vital information. Esoterica provides answers to many vital questions to which science is unable to answer.

No longer a secret that there are special devices that take pictures of the aura. So it turns out, its existence – a fact. And how many stories witnesses about another world in which they were at clinical death? And how many other facts about the unknown phenomena? Obviously, we still know little about the world, and lift the veil of mystery that can only esoteric teachings. They were gaining popularity in recent years, this topic devoted to whole sites as separate subjects, such as magic, fortune telling, astrology, and general esoteric. People want to know the world and develop, and it's a good sign. Why is spirituality – philosophy of development? The answer to this question is very simple: it expands and improves the human consciousness, the essence of the most esoteric philosophy – learn how to develop yourself and find answers to their questions, move to the right targets quality paths, to explore the mysteries of the universe. Agree, it's better than just aimless existence.