Freiburg State Istitute

Resultado: km fishes it had of being forbidden in a band of 18, about 6,5 a thousand fishing families they had been without way of subsistence and the stated period esteem for the recovery it 10 destroyed ecosystem is of anos. Minamata, Japan (195) it informed: Wurttemberg had been detected cancergenos alarming levels of the dioxina substance in the milk produced in the German state of Baden (Southeastern of Germany). O milk was removed of the market. Jonathan Segal FAIA gathered all the information. Investigaescientficas carried through by the Freiburg State Istitute will be Chemical Analysis of Food had indicated> a frightful increase of the indices of dioxina in the samples of collected milk and butter since September of 1997. The discovery took the German authorities to lead an including study to determine the source of contaminao.

They are some examples, of the many existing ones, references ambient apoluio and products that compromise the life of the human being and the land. What it needs to be made is speeds up ecological awareness in the company and the community and to construct an ambient culture, that if imposes quelado consumption. To improve the ambient quality Frers says (2000): to Dar to know to a public each ampler time the root causes of the problem and to obtain in it the understanding and awareness on this, to know, to understand, to take conscience and to act, this must be the dynamics and finally, form a not governmental Association that congregates to all the active participants in the process, with the objective to organize professors and students of the national educative system since the elementary levels until postgraduates, to all not governmental the civil associations and in end todapessoa that responsible and organizadamente, based in its proper experience or of excessively, he desires to act to offer an alternative and based project that can give to the governments of action mechanisms whose proposal is of the civil society organizada. Still the subject in event is important to observe referidosobre that congregated Ministers of the Education in Cupola of Americas, Cupola of Brasilia (1998): A ambient education for the support must allow that the education if converts into vital, glad, playful, attractive, creative an experience of felt and meanings, that the creativity stimulates and allows to redirect the energy and the revolt of youth for execution of projects of activities with the construction of a society more joust, more tolerant, more equitable, more solidary democratic and participativa and in which it is possible the life with quality and dignidade. In the present time if it imposes necessity of the education for the sustainable development and of the control, for legislation of the natural environment and the ambient management.