Enjoy Germany: The Resin From Nordhausen To Wernigerode

The Harz is Germany’s northernmost mountain range and a popular tourist destination. Deep forests and bogs are interspersed with lakes and Waterfalls and dominate the landscape. The resin also lie the roots of German history. In the towns of Goslar and Quedlinburg ruled the first German emperor. Elaborately restored half-timbered towns like Wernigerode Stolberg or invite for a visit. A steam – train ride on the Harzquerbahn from Nordhausen to Wernigerode to the Brocken, or among the most impressive events of resin travel. Learn more at: FCC. Nordhausen, Thuringia since 1898, is North south end of the Harz narrow gauge railways (HSB) and cultural center. Since its inauguration in 1917 Nordhausen has a theater that provides an important cultural contribution in the north of Thuringia.

The union in 1992 led to the nationwide popular Lohorchesters Sondershausen the formation of a three-section one theater (musical theater, drama, ballet). Because of its Kautabakfabrik GA Hanewacker (founded 1817) was regarded as the center of Kautabakproduktion Nordhausen in Germany and today is still known for its brandy production. After a short ride on the Harzquerbahn Niedersachswerfen Ilfeld and reach the station network hangover. This invites visitors Rabensteiner the coal mines to visit one. After another ride on Benneckenstein and misery to reach the station Drei Annen Hohne. Here the railway line forks on Schierke up to the Brocken and northeastward to the terminus of . With the train reaches the Brocken Brocken garden, a botanical garden on the summit of the Brocken. He belongs to the Harz National Park and offers a portfolio of about 1600 plant species, including native, growing only on the territory of the Brocken, such as the Brockenanemone, but most of all alpine plants like mountain avens or the Swiss pasture.

The town hall of Wernigerode, with its turrets and bay windows and the Painted timber is world famous. In the year 2006 was Wernigrode organizer of the flower show Sachsen Anhalt. Wernigerode has many other tourist attractions. The town center consists largely of half-timbered buildings. The Wernigerode Castle is comparable in its neo-Gothic style castle Neuschwanstein.