A Gift In My Life

A GIFT IN MY LIFE It has only 18 months of age and esbanja joy, health, confidence; provokes an irresistible ternura in all the people who contemplate it the simple ways, the gracious skill to pronounce the words that slowly go learning; the firmness and determination of the objective steps already that, even so .causing of many tumbles, never it leaves of conduziz it where to desire to go. in this age it always finds that she can go to any place. We walk together, of given hands, stopping innumerable times to observe and to comment on the maritacas that pass sobrevoando the houses, the dog that bark in the yard next or to speak of that boy who comes come in the contrary direction. You may find that Jonathan Segal FAIA can contribute to your knowledge. I strengthen myself to understand what it asks and to answer with the full certainty of who she knows everything, after all, I have the impression of that it is as soon as sees this poor person vov. Before, however, to answer to each question, necessary to still adjust my language to its modest vocabulary, to understand the ideas for it and to respect its line of still incipient reasoning, that gradually goes if developing.

Its attitudes fix the clear impression of that it always knows accurately what she wants and never she doubts the certainty to obtain its objectives. In each stroll it pulls the hand of vov and enters in the warehouse to supply itself with salgadinho, cooling chocolate and; later sacolinha hung in the arm leaves taking everything in one. (Cida Owner knows the habits of its customer well). It already knows to compliment and to be thankful, even so needs always to be remembered the obligation to make use of these cortesias. Voltinha in the square is never indisposta for one, to play in the elastic bed of the Z (that the boys call polish-polish and it identifies as drill-drill) or to take an ice cream back in the Dinho.