Town Representatives

The representatives of the town do rarely it and when they press the button or they rise the hand to vote in sessions makes the legislative it as it were indicated to them by his leader of party. That is to say, there is no a representative democracy of the town but of the parties and his oligarcas that they sponsor to them. When people are going to vote by her governors, mayors or president do not know generally that the candidates and their partisan leaders sell the votes of people as if they were enchiladas and in this way negotiate who desire and how wins. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Gavin Baker. The places of directions, secretaries and all the positions of confidence are distributed. Also electoral operators are sold are raccoons or acarreadores-, is sold the presence or not of representatives of parties in the ballot boxes, remember complicities fraud where two parties or are coordinated more to eliminate the votes of some other, etc. That scheme of transaction occurs so much to the interior of the parties like the outside among them. Inside the things are still worse, the inheritance of the PRI has made culture and it is not rare that in the BREAD or the PRD or the PRI there are dedazos, surveys fixed, money in the writing-desks and parallel negotiations which the press and the militants see. To annul the vote meaning that does not believe in any candidate or party, who does not believe themselves in that supposed democracy applauded by great corporative of television and the radio and the associations of industrialists or the catholic church. To abstain is simply not only to repudiate to the participants and its political organizations.