Mental Health

The great play of ' ' mestre' ' , the greater of all the times against ' ' sbios' ' ' ' grandes' ' , it was the invention of the Christianity on the part of ' ' loucos' ' ' ' pequenos' '! The valuation of the weakness and madness, fell as a glove in the hand of the fearful ones, the spoiled ones, the mediocre ones, the sick people and conforming with one ' ' possible life after vida' '. Fearful for having fear of the life and, itself consequently same. Spoiled for having a weak mind and ' ' abortiva' ' , one mind that only generates ' ' mortificao' ' , one mind that does not support the life and before the life ripens this rotten and dry womb of the account to abort it; one mind that being inside of this ' ' cemitrio' ' of ' ' ressurretos' ' ' ' if already you made over again with Christ ' ' it is felt valued exactly being deceased, and this is not alone, also is it responsible it for the lack of life in ' ' ressurretos' '. Mediocre ' ' for suffering with the lack of intellectual value of the base of the building; but let us leave in peace ' ' pescadores' ' , if it could not wait very of them! We arrive at the main point of the thing, at the illness, the cancer of the negation of the life? ' ' if to conform with beyond is to disdain vida' ' to the adulteration of the pleasures, that is, the Christianity in itself! The insane people and the sick people of this world if turn for the first time on the scholars and doctors? the Christianity is born. Of that the D temente advances to be wise and? US, when a chest and an ashamed head that the soil aims will leave its presence (of D? US) justified (Lucas 18:9 – 14)? Which the advantage of being ' ' so' ' if the hands and the pierced feet of a rescuer shed remedy instead of antidote (' ' I came to doentes' ')? It will be that it was coherent becomes ' ' cordeiro' ' the center of the attentions? It would not be this love to the sin? Love to the sin yes, since if it does not have sin the lamb loses its function of purgador soon, arrives it the conclusion ' ' of that how much bigger will be the sin biggest it will be value of cordeiro' '! The psychological evil that the people punished found one cure at last. Educate yourself with thoughts from Yael Aflalo, New York City. .