Fried Modern

" Food – Fried, of course, the food is more barbaric than the food cooked, which in almost all cultures around the world considered to be food culture. And cook it mostly women. At the same time, fried food and prefer to cook is a man. LeviStross does not contrast the two types of food for no benefit, nor in taste because of their opposition can be neither false nor true, just as there may be a momentary taste in principle better LP utility, as well as can be and vice versa. It is simply two different, diametrically opposite views on life and food as the maintenance of vitality. So take your time to change your kitchen space for the sake of short-term culinary predilections.

We have yet to make a table of compatibility of kitchen furniture, appliances and culinary preferences. The process of this match – but in the beginning, but no one doubts that among these three factors, there are natural deep connection. On the move – life! So, we have found that modern kitchen can not be selected separately, first the furniture, then equipment or vice versa. Create a modern kitchen space is impossible without a clear idea of what and how to prepare for this kitchen. Moreover, the selection process for the kitchen, as well as process and its use can not be viewed in part or in detail. Because the modern kitchen – this is not a particle of light, a continuous light wave. On a modern kitchen, there can be just as standing for objects of beauty.