District Manager Training

By Gerhard Sprugel Ltd fasteners due to many years of Gerhard Sprugel GmbH with the DLS cooperation as distributor, the training was carried out nine successful sales consultants to district managers. This two-year qualified education and training aimed to prepare the participants within the framework of a further consistent new orientation in sales for their new challenges in dealing with their customers and their employees. The company Gerhard Sprugel GmbH is a medium-sized family-owned company, specialising in the trade with fasteners and special articles in the field of construction and construction industry for over 35 years. “” “Under the corporate motto of our service your advantage” the District Manager training with the basics, through the knowledge of today’s sales professionals “and the requirements of a District Manager” started. In a total of 20 training blocks that held each Friday and Saturday, both product and corporate topics were mainly the Personality development of the aspiring District Manager extensively discussed and jointly discussed. Continue to learn more with: Mary Barra. Main topics were, among other things the social competence, the internal and external employee motivation, self-organization, and knowledge about body language and personality types. Apart from theoretical knowledge, especially the practical implementation was coached. Here, such as individual sales calls as role-playing were led and then using video analysis based on clear indicators of the Group rated.

In addition to a written final examination the aspiring District Manager had to demonstrate also their practical skills in practical sales calls, employee meetings, as well as a company presentation at the end of the training. In the framework of a regular sales meetings of all field service consultant your DLS certificate then all participants to the District Manager “by the managing director Gerhard Sprugel received. With this solemn handover in the company’s Training Centre Jagerhaus”was thus completed a highly successful two-year sales education. The DLS cooperation praised in particular the excellent written and practical results of all new District Manager. Mr Gerhard Sprugel was particularly proud about the services provided here and thanked all staff for their great time usage, combined with their big motivation in this training series. Finally, he stressed that a new era for the positive development of Gerhard Sprugel GmbH has started.” A more active assistance in the consistent implementation of the new sales focus has been pledged from the DLS cooperation.