Unusual Apartment Design

Want to sit at a desk in the office, pick up an expensive pen and write, write. And it's nice to sit in a rocking chair, thinking, dreaming and smoking heather tube made caring hands of these masters. Well, antique dresser with exquisite porcelain figurines on it will wrap your bedroom an aura of mystery and romance. Is your imagination hard to draw such a picture? Is so hard to imagine? Yes, easy. Painting will certainly get interesting and it is naturally of no small number of other interior items.

This stand under the pipe, and different styled stationery (without them, our table will be look bare and depressing), and a blanket on the chair and stool under his feet, and a variety of decorative objects – statues, mirrors, lamps, bronze ware. Such items would not necessarily be a large number, it is necessary that they are aesthetically compatible with one another and create a harmonious picture. It is ridiculous to suppose it will look like an old chair next to the stools in the style of hi-tech, shiny metal faces. Although the same banquette surrounded by furnishing appropriate style would be quite out of place. And guide the choice of decorations should not only, or even mainly, the beauty of individual things, but thoughts of how harmoniously This item will fit into the existing interior. One should also consider what is really decent and stylish jewelry is usually manufactured solid firms. Believe me, Chinese trinkets pale in comparison with unique and high quality home furnishings and VIP-podarkamiot world's best companies. And let your house is constantly an atmosphere of wealth, luxury and self-confidence! Sincerely,.