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I hope find a page of pages control scammers at all levels in the multilevel, work from home, internet business, work at home, works over the internet, get your financial freedom, I know your same boss, generates your own income, MMM, Marketing, affiliate program, affiliate elite, Affiliate VIP, systems of prospecting, landing pages, free traffic, beam that visit you every day, one million page visits, generates traffic to your website, your website is useless if no one visits you, we are a group of entrepreneurs, we’ve found the formula, succeed online, what tedigo is reality, everyone says it, tools for facebook, I am a guru of MLM, such a person is a marketing professional, and is the first time I see it, will be a recognized blogger, if you have how two hundred domains but nobody visits him, presents more fraudulent payments formats, even now make video testimonials, that really leave much to be desired. If you want to survive in this business you must lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lying, lying, until tiredness, but beware; do not go to tire you, never, never, never get tired, you never claudiques; by that but you’d no longer be persevering, why are failing to 90% of entrepreneurs; the MLM business is not a failure, is an abandonment. Why not triumphs said someone out there. For me it is a door open to have dreams, where you must be careful of losing the branchings of your dream, where how politicians that to achieve his goal will do the impossible to achieve your vote; made your vote, if I see you I do not remember. Visit kitchens for more clarity on the issue. It is the case that I am living, a bombardment, more than operation in the desert, more than the bombing of United States to Libya, rather than that I still receive.

Bombardment of propaganda, subscribe for US$ 20 dollars and you dre the key of success, others with the program stream, looking for affiliates and we’ll pay you, be inica the great campaign of pre-release, in Spanish, in your language, nobody had done before, we are the only ones that we will do it, we are the forerunners, boosters, of this business, now has as much host, they are waitingyou only have 2 hours but lose it. They resemble the desperate microbuseros that has gone les wrong the day and tell you last carriage, then there is no other, upload fast but stay; and I answered them if man, remains just that I’d rather stay and take the first cart of morning and they bother by that you guessed his lie, you say profanity, why for that inspiration is already died. Seek or make tools that can identify the thieves of dreams, to scammers, it will bring us together and showing tests where what you promised and what you gave, and this generates a punishment. For example I am disappointed of GVO years experience and does not have a post sales policy, why they removed.