The Street

TAKEN FROM THE BOOK MATERIALISM HISTORY seems to me that process was much more dynamic. much more collective. our men were not so domestic. the purpose in some cases was much more common. Today our citizens have social purposes that seem common, but are in fact completely different.

in this century the spirit of death causes more fear. pay a lease, have a TV, a stove, a room, a bed, and a certain amount of things taken to credit. For other opinions and approaches, find out what kitchens has to say. They ensure the domestication of the individual. not only that: his delivery resigned to the exploitation of their labour force and their children. others think dogs emfermos, admonished a revolution stifled and off street. sooner or later such characters are facing with death, since such arengas against the powerful.

When I go down the street and I see some luxurious carriage, calculation its value, and I say to myself, one who possesses greater value this vehicle or any poor person. This economical level. the answer is: the vehicle or auto-mobile. in the market the truck represents synonym for many things. comfort, richness of media production, a different condition, the interest of many people, Etc. Unlike the poor who is going to foot with a blade of life begging for a job. that represents this man: synonymous with poverty, need, blood and family proletariada, from lack of means of production, a being elevated and left in time and away from the new conception of success that is to formed for human beings. the way most viable that we have is the way of our own choosing. No defendere no stance. the materialist, nor ideal. Since both are dispossessed… Jose ORLANDO MELO NARANJO original author and source of the article.