The First Of The Commandments

A biblical look at the Gospel that we proclaim today at our masses (Mc 12: 28-34) a scribe is close to talk to Jesus. The end of a chapter is where the teacher should respond to captious questions of many groups of Israel at that time. The final question was launched in this context: what is the first commandment?The response of Jesus does not refer to some of the 10 commandments or the multitude of precepts that has the old testament. Christ answered with a prayer that the pious praying three times a day: hear, Israel: the Lord our God is one Lord; and you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul, with all your mind and with all your strength. And complete saying that the second is: love thy neighbor as thyself.Against this the scribe congratulates you for the reply and makes it yours.

Then Jesus, seeing that he had responded so rightly says: you’re not far from the Kingdom of God. Call me a lot the attention the response of Jesus: he says that it is not far from the Kingdom, but does not say that with that answer already in the Kingdom. Bathroom Cabinets Vanities Market gathered all the information. To express themselves that way the scribe remains only in the door, without entering. Then I wonder: what’s imperfect that said that it deserves this last objection?The drama of this man is that, while your questions are high and deep, there is half way of the true religion. The scribe asks about the commandments and precepts, with an interesting concern, but that does not capture the essence. The scribe cares about the commandments that come out of the word of God and forget to put in the Center to the God who pronounces his word. Your question should have been another: what is the first thing the commandments? And the first thing is the Dios Padre who loves us and gives us the presence of his son, which is delivered on the cross for love.