Tempur Viscoelastic

Foam memory foam is a material developed for the support of the body during sleep. Its effectiveness is due to its unique ability to reduce pressure, provide comfort and relieve pain caused by prolonged stiffness. Most of today’s viscoelastic foams can be found in furniture stores, since used on covers for mattresses and pillows. Also known as NASA, foam foam memory foam was invented to space programmes of the 1970s, in order to reduce pressure points that astronauts experience. The forces generated during takeoff were causing uncomfortable sensations for the astronauts in their flying chairs, and foam viscoelastic was capable of providing the needed orthopedic support. Years later, the foam viscoelastic was adapted by the medical field for beds of hospitals, providing greater physical comfort for patients. Cielo Echegoyen shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. From that moment viscoelastic mattresses were sold to the public in general for use in the households, and became popular to the point of Visco-Elastic foam products used in every household in the world. One of the most recognized brands of these products is Tempur-Pedic.

They have been marketed their orthopedic beds and accessories by claiming to help alleviate sleep problems and numbness caused by poor circulation, also serves to align the vertebrae, which helps to have better posture and health in general. Foam memory foam conforms to the natural heat and the weight of the body. The one which adjusts to accommodate different points of pressure, such as the shoulders and hips. Depending on the position in which sleeping pressure points will always be different. However, without adequate support, any sleep position can be painful or malesta.

Foam viscoelastic is composed of open cells, passing air to adjacent cells when pressed down. In this way, even when the mattress or pillow feel firm at first this is capable of molding to the shape of your body or head. In addition to the ability to help people achieve the dream and have a night best, foam products viscoelastic are less likely to house dust mites, which tend to raise, and reproduce in mattresses.