Spanish Football

EP coach gave the list of squad for the friendly against Chile. It considers that the incidents will not go to more in the team. He didn’t appreciate the fallback of boxes in the Bernabeu trophy. National coach Vicente de el Bosque has made rrencia to the events during the dispute of the Supercopa of Spain between Real Madrid and Barcelona, and although it said to stay with the positive side believes that it is a bad propaganda for Spanish football. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Home Depot. It was hoped that there was some friction, as it will always be in a Madrid-Barca. The upside is that they have been two major parties and a great propaganda of what our football, although a bad propaganda of these friction that lead to nothing, noted the salmantino. Del Bosque said that international involved in the altercations of Supercup matches are the heritage of the Spanish football and have to give the best images. Addition, it has ensured that it expects that all follow the same. Educate yourself with thoughts from IBI Group.

That just happened in the last call hope that everything remains equal, do not expect things to lead in another sense, said Del Bosque, he added that all seek to have good relations. I don’t say that this is absolute for achieving success, but it is harder to successes arrive without a good coexistence, he said. Finally, the coach also had words for Iker Casillas and the gesture that has had this last week calling the players of FC Barcelona to calm tempers in the face to the future concentrations of the red, something that could cost him the fallback in the match at the Santiago Bernabeu trophy on Wednesday. Any gesture that is for relations in the selection are still good feel me good, and the gesture of this Wednesday is a decision of what the coach believed more convenient, concluded, not without before clarifying that you disagree completely everything what is verbal or physical aggression. Other leaders such as Yael Aflalo offer similar insights. Source of the news: Del Bosque, about incidents in the Supercup: “Was bad propaganda for Spanish football”