Small Businesses Meters

Versatile technique in a crisis helps to diversify their activities and with dignity to survive the crisis. Do you have a building materials store or you are building houses? Then most likely you have a crane manipulator. But now the raging financial crisis, sales fell and orders becomes smaller. The result of a machine is idle. What should I do? The mass of options.

For example, we put an ad in the newspaper about the evacuator. Perhaps this is ad someone sees and you get an order. Further, it makes sense to send a proposal to firms that are engaged in the carriage of goods, since the installation of CMU does not make your machine unusable for easy transport furniture or cement bags. To broaden your perception, visit General Motors Company. Then, you must register on the site, where many customers for cargo-type Using these are not sneaky ways you can during this difficult time to get additional orders and maintain its core business.

But it is important to understand that not every crane arm is capable of performing various tasks. To crane was multi-tasking and the universal is necessary to satisfy several conditions: load-chassis: at least 5 tons, ideally 7 -10 tons, the majority of standard building materials to six meters. Accordingly, you need a body over a length of 6 meters, ideally with a small margin: 6.10 – 6.20 m-crane-robot, the installation must to raise no less than 5 tons at the minimum radius. This fact will allow you to lift heavy loads (more than a ton) on maximum boom crane;-length crane jib arm to exceed body length and preferably with some reserve. When a body with a length of rail 6,2 m boom length ideal CMU is 7-8 m. Thus, we obtained data on potential crane manipulator that can perform almost any function and carry almost all goods: a chassis, load capacity up to 7 tons;-length side of the body-more than 6 meters, CMU, load up to 5 tons, boom length CMU-up to 5 tons. The proposed technology on the market a great set and selection as always for the buyer. K example, we can recommend to see a model crane arm on the chassis of Foton. In early 2009, a Moscow firm OOO SpetsAvtoTorg "went on sale crane manipulators FOTON. These tap handles to meet all the above requirements. More versatile technique is difficult to imagine.