Sindelfingen Surgery

In April 2008, the first CityLasik eye Laser Center in Stuttgart Center was opened. This month the Center is already celebrating his third birthday. Congratulations! They already recorded first advanced developments in the field of laser eye surgery in the 1970s. In its current form, there are eye laser treatment since the mid-80s. LASIK is therefore now one of the routine treatments. Jonathan Segal FAIA has much to offer in this field. Some time later the correction of the false – and farsightedness by means of lenses treatment as extremely efficient method of treatment was added then with. Meanwhile, millions of people could already through these treatment methods helped to a new sense of vision.

There are numerous reasons to opt for an eye laser or lens treatment. One of the biggest advantages of the future waiver of glasses or contact lenses. Equipped with the latest technology the CityLasik eye Laser Center in Stuttgart offers top quality and reliability (CityLasik has been certified with the TuV). And with Dr. G. Kemmerling as well as Dr.

Z. can’t wait the Centre concentrated competence and experience with Simon and their team. Dr. G. Kemmerling performs laser surgery since 1984. It is established in a supra-local community practice in Sindelfingen. Dr. Kemmerling is KRC certified and trained beginners in the field of refractive surgery and is a member of important trade associations. Dr. Z. Simon is active since 1993 in the laser surgery worked. The co-founder of a Stuttgart-based laser Centre is also coach of the KRC and thus enabled to educate physicians in the laser eye surgery. Dr. Simon is a member of numerous ophthalmic societies. CityLasik is a network of treatment and counselling centres in all Germany has focused on the correction of Ametropia (E.g. myopia) by means of laser or lens treatments. There are now eight locations in Germany and together with the Scandinavian group memira looking back now on experiences of over 230,000 treatments in 42 centres in Europe. All centres of CityLasik have over State of the art equipment, to provide optimal treatment. All treatment centers of CityLasik work with a femtosecond laser and can use the most modern and this gentlest treatment method, offered by Femto-LASIK. CityLasik be a cheaper price and an uncompromising quality and security concept hand-in-hand. The treatments take place only in accordance with the Commission of refractive surgery (KRC). CityLasik is only highly qualified doctors and doctors as well as medical staff, 75% of doctors are trainers KRC. All employees regularly attend seminars to stay within the scope of work technically up to date. The goal of CityLasik is to enable the customers to a new quality of life, without annoying glasses or contact lenses. Press contact: RR2 CityLasik GmbH Sandra Daniels, knowledge str. 18a 44137 Dortmund Tel.