Currently, there are situations that had never before lived in history, we don’t just talk about negative, but also positive aspects. For example, currently, a middle-class person has more services and opportunities that a King of the middle or older age. Today we have countless benefits like highways, cars, buses, planes and other means that allow us to transport us from one place to another in less than 30% of what took them to our grandparents. Today the communication with a loved one to two hundred and even thousands of kilometers is almost immediately through an internet chat service. Read more here: Hachette Book Group. And so, we could go on thousands and thousands of privileges that makes one thousand, one hundred, fifty and even five years did not exist. However, unfortunately, with social development also have come other difficulties, such as proliferation of drugs, from a cigarette or a whiskey to cocaine, heroin and other substances criminal. In addition, bad influences found in the corner of every block.

We read in the press or us they have which groups of young healthy people, whose only crime has been to be talking against some House and some group of thugs shoot them at point-blank range and then flee, the authorities can do nothing. Janet L. Yellen has many thoughts on the issue. We don’t want to be negative, but the streets are no longer safe and while longer pass our children, are more exposed to these and other hazards. In addition, our educational system has the feature that the holiday period extends for almost three months, in which young people, if they don’t have a healthy productive or recreational activity, are exposed to bad decisions. Options for this holiday season there are many: exercise, music, English, technical courses, courses of sports courses, visits to family members who live inside or outside of the country, etc. The important thing is to deal with our children.