Scientology Church Germany

The Scientology of the Scientology Church Germany e.V. is open daily from 350 up to 500 visitors since April 2010, the Scientology information page is visited de in the World-Wide-Web. Corrections to media reports are included. False information is provided on this page clearly and correctly. The Scientolgy is an information portal of the Scientology Church Germany e.V.

The purpose of this page is to correct the misinformation, rumors and wild speculation from the media world on this page. There are also corrections and comments to broadcast films and documentaries (E.g. ARD remains nothing more”). The site is one of the most visited pages of Scientology since the first website in April 2010. Only the is still before that has taken first place of page 1 in Google for a long time already on the, has daily several thousand visitors.

The Scientology is of 350 found up to 500 visitors daily and clicked on. Up to 157.425 visitors from 137 countries are so far on the Information pages have been. The interest in the various information, provided by the Church seems to be enormous, because daily between 2500 to 3500 pages are looked at. In addition to clarifications, the page contains information about the religion itself, where she, in which countries it is already recognized as a religion. Information about the Church and its finances are also documents and court decisions, including the confirmation of German courts that Scientology is a business, and falls under article 4 of the basic law. The information page of the Germany e.V. of Church of Scientology includes over 900 posts and 500 documents, which are subdivided into 20 subject areas. Be descriptive for example in teaching & education”, which matches between Scientology exist Church and world religions. Position to some misconceptions about the Scientology doctrine will participate in the category questions & answers”. Also, some are Corrections on drop-out stories, can be found in the media are, among dropouts & critics”presents. Facts and figures are presented to TV shows and various talk shows. These topics and issues with documents never published, pictures, arguments and opinions which clearly indicate what is wrong or wrong of discussion of Scientology are supported. Reported will be on the information page also on the humanitarian and social activities of the Scientology Church in Germany and abroad. These include some initiatives in the area of drug education, human rights, freedom of religion and information and much more. The founder of the Scientology religion, L. Ron Hubbard, is represented the versatile life. He was also in the field of music, writing, drug rehabilitation. Many myths and speculations about him are rectified. The interested visitor receives statistical and demographic facts about the Scientology Church and its members.