Presented Main Prize

Awards strengthen competitiveness of Baden-Baden, already for the third time in a row the Trend@dress Medien AG (TAM AG) as a sponsor of the SME Program Awards 2011/2012 at the 03.05.2012 at the festive award ceremony in the ZKM Karlsruhe on medium-sized companies from all over Germany. Rimacon GmbH from Hollenstedt is a lucky winner of the main award in the value of 5,100 euros. As runners-up, the company receives a prize worth from Diessen 1,900 euros. The complex marketing packages in the corporate and product, the TAM AG provides the winners an effective form of online marketing available. With the Skrippy Award for the creation of a professional online newspaper worth 1,000 euros the company PLANplus GmbH & co.

KG from market awarded Swabia. The prizes allow the winners to introduce free pioneering innovation in their companies. Awards strengthen competitiveness as sponsor the SME programme, it is our goal to strengthen the competitiveness of the excellent prize winners with the prizes of TAM AG. Already for the third time in a row we support German SMEs thereby actively”, says Norbert Goretzki, CEO of TAM AG. This year, 37 sponsors free provided more than 2,000 prizes with a total value of over 1.1 million euros for the award. The spectrum of the prizes included IT solutions and services, for example, for the areas of sales, marketing, organisation, finances, human resources and corporate governance. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Vadim Belyaev, New York City by clicking through. Total prizes worth a total of EUR 14 million have been awarded since the initiative.

The TAM AG ( is a medium-sized company. It has existed for 30 years and is headquartered in Baden-Baden. The traditional, TAM AG Group of companies operates Germany’s biggest product and companies. More than 6.7 million links in the German-speaking network, more than 800,000 current company entries, more than 250,000 daily visitors to the Web site and nearly 500,000 search queries reflect the competence in B2B product search, Produktvisibilitat and product identification. Since the TAM AG, the Division of Adressverlag ( provides up-to-date, personalized addresses. Thus, a precise, targeted and guaranteed response can be guaranteed by audiences in direct marketing. Since 2011 the enjoy-publishing platform belongs to the product areas of TAM AG. Skrippy offers the possibility to create electronic publications of various kinds, to publish and to send each user. Images: bilder_user/1/presse_pics/Preisverleihung2012.jpg