Practical Swiss Toolbox

In time the Jazoon 08 the new version of edoras, which was Java development Seagate for enterprise applications, in addition to significant extensions available ICEfaces is integrated. The practical Swiss Toolbox for Java developers is celebrating at the Jazoon birthday will be the new version of edoras, the Java development platform for enterprise applications for the Jazoon 08, the RIA (rich Internet application) tool box was available in addition to main functional extensions integrated ICEfaces. After the successful launch of the Swiss Java Congress Jazoon in last year, the Second Edition, the Jazoon 08, opens its doors. In time this major event of the Java community the Java development platform edoras presents suite in the version 2008 good night desktop, good morning webtop in addition to major functional enhancements brings the ability to implement Web applications desktop security, functionality, and usability of AJAX frameworks ICEfaces integration. With this expansion, the last fall Barriers for browserbasierende applications in enterprises. Simple and yet powerful the edoras suite version 2008 now allows to build powerful enterprise applications/portfolio easier and safer. edoras allows the development of applications ranging from the metadata model about the workflow and rules engine to the design of simple user interfaces. The integrated BI components can be generate and visualize any evaluations.

Web2. 0 also for companies in the Internet to narrow communities resulting in, is now a safe application in enterprises possible. Innovative solutions in companies can be realized thanks to the server-based logic and the comprehensive functionality in the browser. Transcript provided edoras suite brings order, security, quality, speed and profitability in development projects. It is suitable for the migration of existing applications and the implementation of new solutions. More and more development teams appreciate the edoras suite in the country and abroad. The platform has proven itself for large and small projects with reputable references like Swisscom Solutions, Swiss Post, VBS, Federal Administration and many more. edoras with mimacom at Jazoon In the framework of the lectures (including AJAX push for revolutionary enterprise applications’) are the new possibilities of the rich web clients’ shown for companies.

Further, the new edoras generation can be seen live at the Jazoon stand of mimacom ag. More information: Kurt Amacher, mimacom ag Church mountain str. 107 CH-3400 Burgdorf phone: + 41 34 424 09 00 fax: + 41 34 424 09 01 email: web: was the Swiss mimacom ag to the company in 1999 as a spin off company of the University of applied sciences Burgdorf founded 30 employees in Burgdorf, Zurich and Valencia. Since its inception, the mimacom ag has focused on open source JEE / Java developments. With edoras has a technologically and functionally sophisticated product range and a powerful Development platform. Since 2005 is the mimacom ag ISO 9001:2000 certified and has a Q-system of quality assurance for all core processes of the enterprise (TQMi). Mimacom ag is at Jazoon 2008 as a person and speaker, among others with the contribution of AJAX push for revolutionary enterprise applications’, be represented.