Polyvinyl Chloride Products

Any consumption that is not essential is anti-ecological. In case this article is indispensable, it tries to acquire products that contaminate except the environment. 7. – To reflect before throwing any thing to the sweepings and to verify if it is possible to be reused, to be recycle, to be repaired or if it can be useful for another person. 8.

– Not to waste disposable articles like: napkins, handkerchiefs, hygienic paper, etc 9. – To replace the glasses of plastic and cardboard, which are disposable, by cups of ceramics or porcelain or glasses of glass that can be returned to use in another occasion. 10. – To avoid to use envelopes of plastic and/or aluminum (Broad); in his place, it uses reusable containers or turnaround packages. 11.

– To diminish the amount of impressions. Instead of to push the button of to print automatically, it thinks about if necessary to have that information in a sheet of paper. Also, other alternative means can be used as the electronic mail or the SMS to send a message or also can be kept the information in the memory from the computer; if it is desired to store. 12. – Another way to save paper, consists, in placing announcements of general interest in a billboard destined for it; instead of to print them or to photocopy them of individual form. 13.

To take advantage of the paper: If leaves are had that no longer are going away to use and that are written or printed by a single side; he is recommendable to take advantage of being used them the side that is clean to make annotations, to make rough drafts or to print documents nonofficial or informal character. 14. – To separate the sweepings, to organize it selectively and to place it in the places that are destined for their recycling. Between the materials that can be recycle, later to be reused they are: Paper, cardboard, scrap iron, metal, batteries, batteries, painting, oil, plastic, glass, organic matter, computer science medicines, equipment, cartridges, cellular, etc 15. – To use the less possible air fresheners; since these do not eliminate the bad scents but give off others more forts than they prevent to detect the previous ones us. 16. – To avoid the use of aerosols; since chemical agents contain and gaseous causes of the destruction of the ozone layer and that contribute to the greenhouse effect. A good option is the sprayers; as they are re loadable. 17. – When buying cleaning products, it is important to read the labels of products to be able to choose those that are biodegradable. 18. – To reuse the plastic bags. 19. – To make sure not using plastics that are PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride Products); because they throughout contaminate the atmosphere his service life. Even, when they are being used articles made with PVC are possible to be come off them chemical toxics. Between the products that contain PVC are: The floors, the furniture, the plastic to surround, the marks of the windows and other construction equipments. 20. – To participate and to organize communication campaigns to maintain informed to the people on the environmental problems and to concentration them about the protection and the care to the environment.