Play Therapy

In the therapy, lived importance of corporal and the valuation of playing, used is standed out it as half of expression. The psicomotora education is directed to the considered children ' ' normais' ' , acting as integrant part of the basic education during the phases referring to the infantile education and first years of basic education. In this direction, Jean Le Boulch (2001) defends that psicomotricidade must be enclosed in the infantile education, therefore considers the psicomotora education an education of base that conditions all the pertaining to school learnings. Checking article sources yields Hachette Book Group as a relevant resource throughout. The psicomotora education takes the child to take conscience of its body, of the lateralidade, to place themselves in the space, to dominate its time, to skillfully acquire the coordination of its gestures and movements. Of Meur (1991) it shares the same conception, considers the psicomotora education as indispensable in the pertaining to school learnings, defending its inclusion in the maternal school. its permanence in the initial series of basic education, since it helps the child to organize itself, propitiates better possibilities to decide the exercises to it of analysis, logic, relations between the numbers etc. As Son (2001) the psicomotora education encloses all collectively the learnings of the child, directing itself it all they, individual or, in which all the stages are necessary. He happens since the birth and he lasts for all the life, through activities of day-by-day and of games or the well varied exercises that take the child to perceive its body better, to dominate its feelings for one better corporal expression, to orient itself in the time and the space to develop itself integrally. Since way, if he cannot imagine a child without movement, stop, is enough to look in the patio of a school, a park, or same in house, the children are in constant activity, playing, interacting with other children, with adults, creating new forms of if amusing and discovering the world.