In the history of the philosophy some thinkers had reflected on this feeling with intention to appraise it in forceful and objective way. However, its theories send to a subjective concept and weak in the measure where they are extensions of its respective philosophies, that is, when establishing its concepts central offices this go to serve of base to all decide and any problem that involves the species human being. It is necessity, to point out that if it treats to establish a concept in the ample and not restricted direction as it could be the concept of maternal love or paternal love. In this direction, when we observe what Plato says, Marx and Schopenhauer will be possible to interpret what each thinker concludes following its line of reasoning, despite does not deal with the subject directly? that it is the case of Marx. Let us see what in it says each one to them of the theories of the cited philosophers to see if it is possible a dialectic and if our condiz conclusion with the present time. The Greek philosopher Plato specifically deals with the concept of love in the intitled workmanship ‘ ‘ Banquete’ ‘ where Scrates and its interlocutors divergem on what they believe to be the love, but in other workmanships – the Sofista, Leis and Fedro – also the idea of the platonic conception is reached. After de Empdocles – what used the idea of love in cosmic-Metaphysical direction, when considering the love and the fight as principles of union and separation, respectively, of the elements that constitute the universe? Plato gave a notion of love with a central and simultaneously complex significao.