Recommendations for miniwarehouses if you need to move you but you don’t have enough space in your new home, keep in mind that leave everything to the last minute can complicate the process and make your move an Odyssey. A good choice to make things easier is to apply for the rent of a portable minibodega, since this will help in the storage of your belongings as long as you decide. One of the advantages of renting a portable minibodega is storage capacity, because it is that you have a business and you want to store your merchandise or simply want a place to park your car in the absence of garage in your new home, the miniwarehouses are able to respond to your needs of space. In a minibodega you can store from your car to a yacht and even increase your home space, already that if you need an extra room, for example, can rent a minibodega, to place table, bed, wardrobe, sofas, lamps, etc. The organization in a minibodega to take advantage of the floor space in a minibodega, can put you foot and cover everything with a blanket. If your upholstery is leather, seeks to do not put objects on top or they could be marked. In terms of beds, you can disarm them, but don’t forget to list the parts unless you have very good memory. And refrigerators must be clean.

Remember that the minibodega is a closed space and if there is no enough hygiene odors and bacteria can concentrate. If there are empty spaces in your refrigerator advantage to place small items, so you will have more space. Glass items should be wrapped separately in plastic bubble. You can do this when needed. Tie them with a thick thread and tag them with fragile legend. Place them in the corners of the minibodega. Tables, lamps, electrical appliances and documents have to be in different boxes that identify them, especially if they are fragile.

Care for them from the humidity and moths if they are made of wood. Documents stored in boxes of the same size to maximize space well. Thus shalt thou more space in your wine cellar. The miniwarehouses and the moving when you need to make a move in a rented minibodega, don’t leave everything to the last, with a little organization and methodology it will be an easy and quick process. Besides that you have to acquire a service and reliable methodology, because thus you will help your own satisfaction. To rent a minibodega for moving you have to think in a move in advance, which is not complicated and concrete well the days in which could be carried out. He cares much until the day in which everyone has to pick up their belongings to pack them, you’ll need to have selected well what you use and that you will not use more. Old things you can donate or sell them to companies that need them. Source: Press release sent by gominis.