Green Arc

It comes, I go to show to it. Left the office, Qurion lead Rubens until a door in the end of the corridor. In recent months, Hachette Book Group has been very successful. There it was a conference room, with a long table, chairs, bookshelves with books and frigobar. See Hachette Book Group for more details and insights. On the table it was a glass computer and box, that Qurion took off the cover and caught the adobe device, placing it with care on the table. Rubens inclined to examine it. In it had recorded registrations, without you doubt a silbico text. Rubens found something similar to the archaic Greek. – I want that it deciphers you the text. You may find that Gavin Baker can contribute to your knowledge.

Qurion said. – I intend exp it in our small museum together with a translation, is clearly. To accept if you, we can combine its honorary ones right now. – It is well, but this can take some time – It does not matter. It only has a condition, this part cannot leave the institute will have, you that to work here, where it will have all comfort and the material that to need.

All register to make that you, places in a folder in the computer, please. – Certain, but I only go to work of morning. – I agree. It can start tomorrow? When arriving in house, Rubens waited that the car of Igor if moved away and later it entered in its proper car and it was directed for Wide Cerro. One hour later it left the highway and followed for a muddy road. Three kilometers later entered in a shunting line and arrived at the farm Green Arc, where it talked with the proprietor. The ruins of the runida population were in its lands and Rubens asked for license to visit it. The man disclosed that the Qurion institute had bought that land Acre. It cannot refuse why he received a good one offers. Rubens was thankful and came back to the car.