Enjoying The Mall

There are several interesting options to entertain the kids this season. However, it is necessary to take into account the child’s age and its financial provision. Take a look at some alternatives. Grandparents’ house The cheapest option, no doubt. The Pamper guaranteed and coexistence is also very healthy. But forget the charges. At the home of the grandparents is common some relaxation of standards.

Depending on the age it is important that, together with their children, who often care for them. Thus, the grandparents do not overload. At camp, Chaco and sites is an excellent alternative to seven years. Fun is right and also learn to turn, the more mature home. But before the adoption of this option is good to see the page, and check accompanying the proposal is mainly to do with the profile of your child – the child can before, but when you look outside the siblings and parents just want to go home. This can happen. If you are in your can be safer! Recreation and sport courses, theater, circus, clubs, walks in the forest in the city of children and ecological park … Any of these options is perfect.

The important wake and children of interactivity and entertainment. Many recreational Since it was impossible to choose the options above, you can create a calendar with your child. Include the company of friends who are also in the city. Suggest a film session, a walk in the park, or arrange a trip for the weekend. It is the interaction with their children and good memories of the holidays. Parents warning is important to encourage children to have a balanced diet every day of the year for healthy growth. Take the kids to parks, clubs, beaches and other open spaces, makes it almost impossible to resist the temptation of sweets rich in sugars and fats and sweets, love apples, popcorn, hot dogs, ice cream, candy wadding , chocolate, soft drinks and Pirulito, among a multitude of others. When you visit the store to buy, please visit: cleanup, health assistants, and how the food is handled. More sports, physical activities and games Children need to burn calories, restrict computer games and video games. In walking, avoid places with large concentrations of people, along with water, such as swimming pools, lakes and beaches, and close the streets and avenues. Attention should be redoubled attention and time of sun exposure. Then you can relax in your Take lots of pictures Good pictures are not merely the result of sophisticated machinery. “Have the time of the click, do a training before pressing the button” Even the simplest machines that cost about 150 can capture good images shown are the most automatic. Identified by the initials HF. They automatically adjust the exposure time of the film and the aperture, through which passes the light makes the image on film.