" But if you're trying to dissatsiirovat emotions and do not listen to them, the more they will show themselves. 'Knock on your door more and more', and you will become worse and worse and worse … Perhaps it was the matter with you, you ignored some emotion. Tried it close your eyes, pretend to myself that it's not. Source: Janet L. Yellen. That all is well. And she was getting stronger and stronger … We can not ignore emotions. Otherwise you will only get worse. Learn more about this with Janet L. Yellen.

And the third way in which people use, they compete with one another their emotions – 'You think you feel bad, let me tell you how I feel bad. " 'I work hard, get tired' – 'is that you work hard? and you know how I'm sick? " You need to be kept away from this path, I hope you will choose four way – to study them and begin to use. So where did they come? They are 'attacking' us like a virus? or they come from other people? For example, if you feel 'love', it means that someone that did something for etogo.POtseloval, or touched you in a special way or What else? Is that true? The truth is that you feel 'love' because you have chosen at this point chuvstovat love in his body, in accordance with its internal rules. Do you have rules and criteria that say 'If If A, B and C, then I will feel the love and example, if you at this point someone on a special kiss, will implement these criteria, you will feel 'love'.