CSR Management

or those who have high rate of underwrite. Recognition of partial aspects. There is a general consensus to recognize socially responsible companies that comply with any of the parameters: social action, management of the environment, fiscal transparency, a high rate of immigrant employment, conciliation of life work and family although it has a great value such actions, it should require more cases in which complies with various parameters. CSR: Proposal of everything said above, clearly that they could submit proposals, but space availability only allows me to highlight the following: integrating health management as an important parameter of CSR: at the level of the so-called internal of the responsibility Social Dimension, highlighted two concepts that directly affect the health of workers. -Quality of employment. Although it is an aspect in which the social partners, are especially involved the temporality, discrimination and lack of conciliation among others, have their impact on health. -Working conditions.

Here yes impact on health is very evident. Those derived from the monotony of work organization, rhythm, intensity, schedules, low motivation, as well as the existence of non-ergonomic conditions, i.e. an environment not adapted to the person that does not damage your health (light, sound, tools, furniture) are so-called emerging risks: ergonomic-skeletal muscle (sore back and arms), psychosocial and recently added another risk: obesity. The proposed actions to avoid the above-mentioned risks are as follows: or risk prevention: although since 1995 there is a law for the prevention, this still is more dedicated to security, given the high rate of fatal accidents suffered by the country. or health promotion: is of vital importance to the adoption of healthy habits not only at work but in any condition. In both cases, a special requirement for the company is considered responsible for socially is that prevention goes beyond the law. Comments Final for bringing to fruition the adoption of parameters of health for the company is accurate to speak of comprehensive health management.

I.e. it should exist among occupational health and public health, without forgetting the school health. An example is the postural problems that children have /-as primarily by poor ergonomics (backpacks, furniture). How the pain of back (the most frequent alteration worldwide after the flu) can prevent adult if not prevent in school? Dr. f. Balague Vives Centre de Salut of the column Vertebral original author and source of the article