Also it is truth that many want to be commanded to be in the zone of comfort in its churches and are not made use to go for the areas of the interior of the country, or same in areas of lack and poverty being thus Also the shepherds of an order, who only want to be in comfort areas, must leave the hypocrisy and assume that they do not want to go for the field where they will be sent by not being made use to pass privations or not to have conditions convictas for this. At last he is a reality that as much the Christians face as that one who are commanded candidate to the pastoral ministry or shepherds already. if in case that to want to make its criticizes is understandable, but he knows to open more denominations in urban centers and alone to increase the denominacionais confusions and some he only makes to explore the people for a ftil ideal and without objetivoque he does not belong to the kingdom of God. Ministries and ministries this is not the solution. ' ' It will only bring more confusions between you lead and you lead Christians and cristos' ' the certainty is to value the Word of independent God of denomination to spread s doctrine of forms written nailed and publishes in some places and chance that to appear, this to alert the faithful that if find idiots with as many muddy waters plays on them, searchs pure and true the Water. The Word of the God highest Ours Mr. Jesus Christ. they love..