Chevrolet Silverado

There is no best pickup for the hard work and heavy than the Silverado. We can assure with excellent performance, safety and efficiency features. In addition, its aggressive design goes hand in hand with its mission, which is the give you a more than perfect performance with any use you give it. Whether to carry furniture, or carry bales of grass, or to animals, the Chevrolet Silverado aims to be the best in all aspects. With the longer basic Vortec V8 engine, its other internal implements are varied, as it is, for example, its chassis hydroforming. This significantly improves the resistance to axial forces, bending at 60 percent and torsion by more than 200 percent. Not to mention their external features, such as its regular box painted the body color, his front fender black and the rear with chrome accents and its included step. Also their headlights with light and automatic shut-off system control.

It should not be forgotten of your tires for all seasons and your system already basic Stabilitrak. In Chevrolet you say, not because of anything the Silverado was named the 2007 pick-up. If you are looking for efficiency in hard work, or as a vehicle for everyday use, the Silverado is for you.