Carlos Garcia Fajardo

Master Tenno had reached the fullness in archery, the noble kyudo, while the Sweeper of emeralds had reached enlightenment as undisputed master of Tai Chi, at the height of china’s cultural revolution. He had served in the army and excelled in all the arts of the Bushido, or way to stop the arrow into the air, enclosing all the ways that improperly called martial arts in the West. Why it happen so, Maestro? By the people reductionist desire. When Buddhism came to China here found the wisdom of the Tao widespread while the thought of Confucius served to train people to live together in society, and officials to carry out their tasks while leaders should educate its spirit and its forms in the noble art of directing or art of strategy. That’s nice! But Confucius was not listened and up was maligned and for thirteen years, had to wander through different courts of Kings to try to be their Princes accept educated in the wisdom contained in the sacred books of antiquity which he had gathered with his disciples. It did not achieve anything and it took centuries until the Beijing court accepted his teachings but converting them into State religion! Always the same! What hobby! So, why the master Sweeper of Esmeraldas left his position as instructor at the army and retired to the monastery of the Saolin monks, where had taken place, two thousand years ago the happy integration of Taoism and Buddhism giving rise to Chang.

That both had amazed the Japanese monks who came to practice with Chinese teachers, from Patriarch Bodidarma, giving rise to the two most famous schools of Zen said Ting Chang. Teacher, why not unified all the knowledge and experiences so that we can thus follow the true path? He asked Sergei. The true path is that of each one. There are no two alike. Listen to me What happened to a browser that went to explore the Amazon. When he returned to his people and told what he had seen, he was asked to put it in writing. He argued this was impossible because they would not thus have personal experience. Anything they earned their objections that it was impossible to know the feeling of contemplating the flowers at dawn and sunset and the singing of the birds of beautiful colors.

The people insisted both Explorer drew them a very complete map so they are not lost on the road. Did they make you case? Nothing of the sort. It took a copy to each neighbor. Learned from memory the meanders, and sidewalks, water breaks and where they were the most beautiful hills. But no one was on the way. On the contrary, they framed the original map and placed in a silver URN in the most splendid Hall of the Town Hall. They beheld him with veneration. And the browser? His life regretted having them drawn that map. People are contented, as so many religious men, reading their Scriptures. What would the Buddha done? He wrote nothing nor did any map. He cared much not ever speak of God in his talks.