In a canister it has slightly beaten to the eggs tempering with the salt the taste, later makes traditional omelettes, when to harden it places the filling in the center and folds them. It removes placing them in a crosspiece. CAMARO* OMELETTE perforated onion 200 g of clear clean small shrimps 3 beaten in snow 3 egg yolks beaten 4 spoons of sopade butter Pepper of the kingdom in dust the taste Salt the taste Juice of lemon Tempers the shrimps with lemon, pepper and salt, to follow it fries them with 2 spoons of butter per 5 minutes, and reserves. It joins egg yolks and clear with care tempering with pepper and the salt, later as if it was making a pancake it places the remain of the butter in a great frying-pan, lowers the fire and it adds the omelette to fry per 4 minutes, making solid dourando the inferior part well, then it stuffs and it folds in two in the moon format half. OMELETTE FLORENTINA* 1 mallet of perforated spinaches and 100 stews ml of milk 2 spoons (soup) of 200 ralado cheese cheese g mosarela ralado 3 spoons (soup) of wheat flour 3 perforated teeth of garlic 4 to 50 eggs slightly beaten butter g Pepper of the kingdom in dust Salt the taste In a pan places 3 spoons (soup) of butter and melts, later spreads the flour moving with a wood spoon until doura it, to follow adds with care milk and leaves to thicken, it removes of the fire leaving to amornar to add to the cheese mosarela tempering with pepper and salt the taste, and reserves. In another pan doure the garlic with 1 spoon (soup) of butter, to follow refogue the spinach the taste, and reserves. In a great frying-pan it makes the omelette, and when she will be solid and the golden inferior part places the spinach, the ralado cheese, tempering with pepper and salt the taste, rolling as if he was one crepe. .