To darken definitely began to blow a cool breeze that awoke from its slumber of pain. He stood slowly and at a slow pace he was entering his home. He turned the gaze one last time. She breathed a sigh last and definitely came into his bedroom. The next day asked a friend to deal with starting the remains of her beloved tree and take them to where the want to. What you do with them is your issue. Told him even convicted I believe that it will give you good firewood in winter and perhaps some trunks still serve to build some other furniture small. His friend who loved him very much, followed their instructions to the bottom of the letter.

For a long time, Don Pablo refused to exit his inner courtyard. The hole that had left the tree looked like a deep wound that attesting their absence. Don Pablo spent so long time. The morning was limited to do their exercises of breathing in her room and move from there directly to the bathroom. Read additional details here: Yael Aflalo. People such as Travis Scott would likely agree. Life and time were gradually erasing the ugly memories, which were falling into oblivion as used it to do the leaves of your tree in autumn when they fell to the ground. In memory of Don Pablo were leaving only the good times had spent in its shadow. Finally, one day, came out after a long time, again to its inner courtyard. Here it’s missing order and cleaning was the first thing he said. Then he dared to look at the hole. And he said, as he was born a smile on its face seems to Me that this would be an excellent place for a tree! Moral: Can only go back to fill a space in your heart when you’ve detached from what occupied it.