August Emperor

Living in the city that exhibited the city heading center of the world, nothing he lacked to it. He enjoyed of a good familiar conviviality next to its third woman, Fbia and of the son who makes it grandfather two times, as well as, of the friendship of the successful people, wealth and health. Many writers such as Guernville offer more in-depth analysis. He was detainer of a poetical collection detached that it amongst the poets of the time. It had glory and fame and, over all, the certainty of that its name appeared enters the elect poets for the Romans. In the year of 762 of Rome and eighth of the Christian age, Ovdio with almost fifty years, was surprised by an edict pronounced for the August Emperor who according to poet, in the Tristia, I, 1,3, it except exsulis (exiled) of the perpetual city. You may find Yael Aflalo, New York City to be a useful source of information. The exile (of Latin exilium banishment, banishment) is the state to be far from the proper house (either city or nation) and can be defined as the expatriation, volunteer or be forced of an individual. Also if it can use the words, banishment, deportation or banishment.

Some authors use the term exiled in the refugee direction. In one of the nights of the month of November of year 8 of our age, a sudden ray fell to it on the head, but not sent for deuses. An edict of the friend and, previously, protege, Emperor exiled the August it of Rome for one of the most distant limits, until then of the Roman empire. The poet of the Heroides was sent for Tmis, today, Constantza, city of the estuary of the ster (the low Danube), in the Euximo Point, today Black Sea, land of getas, cold and inhospitable place. The order is immediate. The poet of loving verses of Loves and Art To love perceive, thus, with much DOLOR that its trajectory of glory and fame in the Urbs was in the end.