Advice To Rent A Floor By Rooms

If you have a floor that you want to rent and you wish to obtain the greater possible yield, a good alternative is the rent of rooms. You must consider a series of aspects so that the coexistence between the renters is the adapted one and not encontrarte with disagreeable surprises. – It requests references to the person who is going to rent the room. If it is possible, it looks for people near your family circle or of friendships. – Question to the future renter to what it is dedicated, if it works or it is studying. It will serve this you to know his possible solution, although it will not guarantee the payment to you of the monthly instalment.

– It establishes of clear form the coexistence norms. It defines clearly as they are the private spaces and the shared ones. Here, Owings & Merrill expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The renters must respect the common spaces, using them suitably without harming the rest of people. The renters must clean the house of periodic and rotating form for their good conservation. – He is advisable that each room has a lock to guarantee the privacy of each one of the people who vivien in the floor.

– He informs suitably into as they are current expenses: light, water, heating, etc. that must be supported of equitable form between all the renters. – It explains the future renters who they must run with the expenses of repair of those apparatuses and electric home appliances that enjoy in the house. – Beam an inventory of the furniture and complements that the house has, so that in the case of disappearance of some of them you can call to each other it to the renters. – A guarantee of two months Solicits in advance, to avoid that the renter when goes away leaves you without paying the last monthly instalment or that Marche having caused some material damage without paying it. – If you do not allow to the presence of mascots indcalo clearly, since the renter can today not have domestic animal and if to tomorrow have it or within a month. – If due to the collection of some monthly instalment or by request of the renter, visits your floor in rent, verifies that everything is in sequence and that the floor is being taken care of suitably. – If some renter complaint which another one is taking advantage illegal form of the spaces shared you will have to mediate and to speak with him so that the coexistence is respected. – In case damages in the building take place, as for example failures in the general pipes or leaks, the expenses of repair will be the responsibility of the proprietor community, having your to contact with the president of the community so that they are solved as rapidly as possible. – The most recommendable floors to rent of shared form are those of second hand. In the case of new houses he is better to rent them to a unique person or family. If you look for a room in a shared floor you can find it in vestibules of announcements free. There you have an ample supply, organized by provinces and cities. If you are proprietor you can insert announcements including the characteristics of your floor: n of rooms, location, equipment including, etc.