In a canister it has slightly beaten to the eggs tempering with the salt the taste, later makes traditional omelettes, when to harden it places the filling in the center and folds them. It removes placing them in a crosspiece. CAMARO* OMELETTE perforated onion 200 g of clear clean small shrimps 3 beaten in snow 3 egg yolks beaten 4 spoons of sopade butter Pepper of the kingdom in dust the taste Salt the taste Juice of lemon Tempers the shrimps with lemon, pepper and salt, to follow it fries them with 2 spoons of butter per 5 minutes, and reserves. It joins egg yolks and clear with care tempering with pepper and the salt, later as if it was making a pancake it places the remain of the butter in a great frying-pan, lowers the fire and it adds the omelette to fry per 4 minutes, making solid dourando the inferior part well, then it stuffs and it folds in two in the moon format half. OMELETTE FLORENTINA* 1 mallet of perforated spinaches and 100 stews ml of milk 2 spoons (soup) of 200 ralado cheese cheese g mosarela ralado 3 spoons (soup) of wheat flour 3 perforated teeth of garlic 4 to 50 eggs slightly beaten butter g Pepper of the kingdom in dust Salt the taste In a pan places 3 spoons (soup) of butter and melts, later spreads the flour moving with a wood spoon until doura it, to follow adds with care milk and leaves to thicken, it removes of the fire leaving to amornar to add to the cheese mosarela tempering with pepper and salt the taste, and reserves. In another pan doure the garlic with 1 spoon (soup) of butter, to follow refogue the spinach the taste, and reserves. In a great frying-pan it makes the omelette, and when she will be solid and the golden inferior part places the spinach, the ralado cheese, tempering with pepper and salt the taste, rolling as if he was one crepe. .


Also it is truth that many want to be commanded to be in the zone of comfort in its churches and are not made use to go for the areas of the interior of the country, or same in areas of lack and poverty being thus Also the shepherds of an order, who only want to be in comfort areas, must leave the hypocrisy and assume that they do not want to go for the field where they will be sent by not being made use to pass privations or not to have conditions convictas for this. At last he is a reality that as much the Christians face as that one who are commanded candidate to the pastoral ministry or shepherds already. if in case that to want to make its criticizes is understandable, but he knows to open more denominations in urban centers and alone to increase the denominacionais confusions and some he only makes to explore the people for a ftil ideal and without objetivoque he does not belong to the kingdom of God. Ministries and ministries this is not the solution. ' ' It will only bring more confusions between you lead and you lead Christians and cristos' ' the certainty is to value the Word of independent God of denomination to spread s doctrine of forms written nailed and publishes in some places and chance that to appear, this to alert the faithful that if find idiots with as many muddy waters plays on them, searchs pure and true the Water. The Word of the God highest Ours Mr. Jesus Christ. they love..

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This way the other person will realize of which you gave importance him and then she listened to his point of view on that subject by which he is angry. 7.She enumerates the listened thing: When a person is angry begins by the part in which according to her she is right. Then you must enumerate the facts to him objectively to be able to reconstruct all the story and of that way to change the center to him of the anger. 8.No he has because to give the reason him, but he does not say either to him that he is mistaken. When somebody is very angry is very difficult to make change it of opinion. But you can calm it with phrases like: " in place yours &quot would have done the same; or " I understand like you sents" , etc. 9.It secures a solution: If you do not know like helping that person, pregntele. If you know how to help she enumerates it the steps that must follow to solve the problem. If it sees that it is not in an suitable position to solve the problem it tries to look for aid. Dgale wants that it to help. Of that way the other person would notice that to you really you matter to him and who is arranged to help it. 10.It eliminates the following phrases: " If you calmed a little " " If you left hablar&quot me; " You are being irrazonable" " Exactly which is its problem? " These phrases which obtains are to exacerbate the problem and to intensify the wrath of the person who speaks to us. To all this it is added, the suggestion, that if it observes that the person is uncontrollable the best thing than can do is to go away. The appropriate commentaries can be that it will find to which solves the problem to him and thus to be able to take off itself of the situation of which is not contributor. One remembers in addition, that if it deals with an angry person while he remains calm will be able to handle the situation. Really, it must be known how to manage the emotions, maintain the calm, be balance and to confront the situation with much serenity and optimism to leave ahead. basic *Referencia.: enplenitud.com Original author and source of the article.


Between rich fiber foods we found: Fruits: the banana, the apple, the plum, the orange, the handle, tomato, among others. Green vegetables and vegetables: the spinach, celery, the pumpkin, the carrot, the Pope with the crust, the asparagus, etc. Grains and cereals: the kidney beans, the wheat, the granola, the maize, oats, etc. 10 Recommendations to shine well. 1. Not to eat in excess and to realise five meals to the day. It is important also to watch the feeding, the one that must be balanced, in that must prioritize vegetables, fruits and cereals. To prefer the fish and the chicken in front of the meat. 2. To every day realise moderate physical exercise or at least three or four days per week. 3. To rest physically and psychologically. One is due to sleep around eight hours, two hours after dinner and in a dark and quiet room. In addition it is very good for realising relaxation exercises during the day. 4. One is due to do without exciting and toxic substances like the tobacco. 5. To maintain a social life centered in the family and friendly. 6. It is good for enjoying a vitalista attitude, positive and tolerant. 7. It frequently tries to be interested in intellectual things. To study, to learn new things, this will allow him to maintain the active mind. 8. To take abundant water, between 8 and 10 glasses of water to the day. It does not consume gaseous drinks nor very sweetened. 9. To reduce the sugar consumption, because apparently the metabolism of the glucose plays an important role in the aging. 10. To avoid the exhibition prolonged to the light to pave, since it can damage the DNA of the cells. Original author and source of the article.