The lift furniture Barcelona was rising to my house the sofa that had both wanted all my life. He would finally be able to enjoy the plasma screen that I had recently purchased. If my friends have always told me that I am a mushroom, now I won’t see the hair much the moment that the platform lift removals reached the window of my house where were to put the sofa, it was like an ascetic moment. I have to admit I got a little insolent when crane operators moving Barcelona, was the latest maneuvers of approximation. As I’m so negative, I saw dangers at all times and not you could remove me head the image of my sofa falling into the void from a fifth and floor or scratched by some undesirable burden farmhand. Finally, the crane removals Barcelona, stopped issuing the buzzing sound produced by the wire rope and stopped their March. The platform lift removals, I faced my window and two waiters tried to put out the window, but alas, had a small calculation error. Sofa not It was through the window of the living room, the largest in the House, but the waiters didn’t even think about the possibility of having to upload it to pulse down the stairs, so they tried to get to the gross, and when I say to the gross, is to the gross. Recently Vadim Belyaev sought to clarify these questions. The operator who was on the other side of the window, driving forklift pallet removals, began to shoving my sofa, while the other, who was in my room, pulled on him as a demoniac. The result, of course, was that sofa just scratching, Yes, striped!, as sofa I just embedded in the window, not came them another thing to the waiters of charging, which push the sofa back to the lift furniture Barcelona, with so few lights and so brutally, the couch became of long forklift platform and fell into the void, Yes, vacuum, crashing against the ground and becoming shattered. They jumped Springs everywhere, and I wanted to die, it seems to me that I’m going to have to change my habits of leisure, do not want to hear talk of a sofa in the entire my life. I’m gonna get me a rocking chair, which at least fits in the elevator


Parmnides claimed a monista reality, where the being is. What it was presented as mobilismo or multiplicity was not real, but only apparent. The way of the appearance is the way where the Being is not. Here we have already a well defined metaphysics, dicotmica. In its famous poem, Parmnides distinguishes the truth from the opinions. What it is real, the truth, is since always and it is never changedded, that is, the monismo. But the world of the things that we perceive, multiple and furniture, is the world of the appearances, the opinions, therefore ilusrio, unreal. For Heraclitus mobility was the basic rule, claims to a world everything where is movement. The tension between the contrary is ‘ ‘ fogo’ ‘ creator, transforming and also responsible for the harmony, the balance that this world supports. But this relation dialectic, this dualism, if of the one in the proper world, is imanente; a process that can be understood as a dualism ‘ ‘ horizontal’ ‘. The logos are the unifying principle of the Real and basic element of the rationality of cosmo. The reality possesss a basic unit, unit in the plurality, the unit of the opposites. In it I break up 50, ‘ ‘ Giving heard it me, but to the logos, he is not wise to agree that all the things are only coisa’ ‘. For this I break up is reasonable to assume that a contradiction, in Heraclitus, between monismo and mobilismo if decides with the distinction between perception and reason. With Plato, we have two well distinct phases consequentemente and two different types of Metaphysical dualismos.

Circulation Years

Madrid, Spain, February 11, 2011 during the past 25 years, and in order to improve the educational offer and adapt to the new times, this booklet – which somehow constitutes the reference in international education sector-has evolved to become what is. It’s a careful selection of courses, broadcast almost all exclusively on the Spanish market by ASTEX, carried out in the most prestigious institutions in the world, and that cover all the needs of both in the field of language training, as in school and university education. As major developments in the United Kingdom, we have combined course of English and English camp programs. For us, they are added to the brochure, level of Harvard or Yale universities. In addition, and thinking of those students who with 16 years proficient in one or two languages perfectly, and look for formulas that will enable them to further improve their language, and to acquire new both educational and personal experiences, ASTEX has deepened in that direction, reaching an exclusivity agreement with the Rustic Pathways leading American company in the Organization of programs of adventure and community service for youth 15 to 18 years throughout the world. Original author and source of the article.

Mental Health

Lecture by Dr. med. Oliver Werner, prakt. Doctor and Ayurvedic expert, on the mutatis mutandis “the knowledge of long life”, extends the range of Ayurveda, EXPOPHARM 2012 preventive recommendations for diet and daily routine treating chronic diseases in Maharishi Ayurveda health centres. A growing interest in more than 5,000 years old, natural health is associated with increasing health consciousness. Maharishi Ayurveda products Europe is therefore particularly trade visitors the Expopharm one, to find out in detail about the traditional health education. Besides comprehensive basic information and the presentation of its extensive product portfolio, the leader offers original Ayurvedic products on Thursday, October 11, 2012, from 14: 30-15:30 a lecture by Dr. med. Oliver Werner, Ayurveda expert from the Switzerland. His lecture on “Ayurveda and mental health” deals with the causes and treatment of mental disorders from the Ayurvedic perspective. Add to your understanding with Vadim Belyaev. Expopharm Munich: 10 to October 13, 2012, Hall B6, stand F23 specialist lecture by Dr. med. Oliver Werner: “Ayurveda and mental health”. Thursday, October 11, 2012, 14.30 – 15.30, Room B-62 Maharishi Ayurveda products Europe is leading supplier of original Ayurvedic products. The brand includes authentic nutritional supplements, controlled natural cosmetics after BDIH standard as well as harmonizing organic teas, herbal and massage oils, spices and food, books and publications. The quality and purity of the products is confirmed by independent European laboratories. Contact: Maharishi Ayurveda products Europe b.v. registered office: Veldweg 33 6075 NL Herkenbosch Netherlands phone: (+ 31) 475-529-111 fax: (+ 31) 475 404055 E-Mail: author: RADIUS MEDIA Consul-Smidt-Strasse 8 g Memory 1 28217 Bremen FON 0421 649225-0 fax 0421 649225-20 email

ASH 2012 In Atlanta/United States

the highlights of the biggest international Hematology Congress on Stuttgart, 4 December 2012 by 8-12 December 2012 the most important Congress of Hematology of the year takes place with the 54th Annual meeting of the American Society of Hematology (ASH) again. Of this year in the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta organized Congress serves as a largest international platform for exchanging the latest developments in the field of hematological diseases. An interesting Congress program, which offers even more sessions this year due to the expansion of a program than in previous years is more than 18,000 participants from around the world. To provide an overview to physicians at the abundance of new research results, GbR provides medicine worlds services since last year a Congress information portal (Congress core facts) available. doctors see hamatoonkologischen professional and practical summaries with the main Congress highlight the ASH 2012 and further international Congresses. The reports are written by experienced hematologist who attend the most important sessions to each an indication on-site and evaluate the new findings on the relevance of their practice. For all participants of the ASH of 2012 and for the folks back home offers the opportunity to gain an overview about the Congress highlights in German language again in the wake of the Congress. The reports sorted by indications can be downloaded as a PDF and printed out. A search function makes it possible to quickly locate information about individual terms. Just on the big international congresses such as the ASH it is difficult, to visit the interesting lectures, often at the same time taking place, and to record all important information for participants”, said Dr. med. We want the ladies Ute Stefani Haaga, managing partner of medicine worlds services GBR with the clear and practice-oriented reports of our experts at. and colleagues therefore offer the possibility to inform again extensively about the new developments in hematology after the Congress”. Interested physicians can subscribe to a newsletter on, which regularly informed about upcoming conferences, new Congress reports and interesting news in the Hamatoonkologie. is supported by an unrestricted grant (Unrestricted educational Grant) of Celgene GmbH. About medicine worlds services GbR the services of medicine worlds GbR in Stuttgart created high-quality medical content since 2008 and has thus successfully in the field of the target group-middle medical information and imparting knowledge established. Medicine worlds services offers facts, among other things also professional and targeted medical texts (medical writing, reporting, translations) for medical training and presentations (animations, videos, podcasts), applications for mobile concepts for communicating medicine, such as Congress core Solutions (iPhone, Smartphone, iPad), multimedia and interactive learning programs (E-learning, E-detail, CME), as well as the medical Web-2.

Scientology Church Germany

The Scientology of the Scientology Church Germany e.V. is open daily from 350 up to 500 visitors since April 2010, the Scientology information page is visited de in the World-Wide-Web. Corrections to media reports are included. False information is provided on this page clearly and correctly. The Scientolgy is an information portal of the Scientology Church Germany e.V. The purpose of this page is to correct the misinformation, rumors and wild speculation from the media world on this page. There are also corrections and comments to broadcast films and documentaries (E.g. ARD remains nothing more”). The site is one of the most visited pages of Scientology since the first website in April 2010. Only the is still before that has taken first place of page 1 in Google for a long time already on the, has daily several thousand visitors. The Scientology is of 350 found up to 500 visitors daily and clicked on. Up to 157.425 visitors from 137 countries are so far on the Information pages have been. The interest in the various information, provided by the Church seems to be enormous, because daily between 2500 to 3500 pages are looked at. In addition to clarifications, the page contains information about the religion itself, where she, in which countries it is already recognized as a religion. Information about the Church and its finances are also documents and court decisions, including the confirmation of German courts that Scientology is a business, and falls under article 4 of the basic law. The information page of the Germany e.V. of Church of Scientology includes over 900 posts and 500 documents, which are subdivided into 20 subject areas. Be descriptive for example in teaching & education”, which matches between Scientology exist Church and world religions. Position to some misconceptions about the Scientology doctrine will participate in the category questions & answers”. Also, some are Corrections on drop-out stories, can be found in the media are, among dropouts & critics”presents. Facts and figures are presented to TV shows and various talk shows. These topics and issues with documents never published, pictures, arguments and opinions which clearly indicate what is wrong or wrong of discussion of Scientology are supported. Reported will be on the information page also on the humanitarian and social activities of the Scientology Church in Germany and abroad. These include some initiatives in the area of drug education, human rights, freedom of religion and information and much more. The founder of the Scientology religion, L. Ron Hubbard, is represented the versatile life. He was also in the field of music, writing, drug rehabilitation. Many myths and speculations about him are rectified. The interested visitor receives statistical and demographic facts about the Scientology Church and its members.

National Universities

The stagnation of many national and even private universities is manifested in the absence of renovating, authorities who are backed by power groups, which in the case of Venezuelan universities they have been ruling them for years, on the basis of traditionalism which had remained with the political parties, COPEI and democratic action, who gave place precisely to those groups that have anchored and they have harmed along the smooth functioning of the universities, the achievement of academic excellence, their participation in pro provide the country harmony professionals with the requirements demanded by the present. For many years the universities with some exceptions in some authorities, have played the role that the country requires to deal with their problems, give way to new openings that will benefit him. There are many authorities who took advantage of their choice by political commitments, friendship, family, all in their particular favor, not of the community University, rather, playing a role of figuration that proactivity. Proof of this is the result of the present, where national universities, in some professions, careers, such as those that concern us, engineering, management, economics, training, training of professionals who graduate today has deteriorated significantly. Are you little attention paid to the development of investigations, its linkages with the business sector, to integration with the economic, productive State programmes, to the solution of the productive, economic problems that arise. In addition to all this is the absence of a commitment to define the profile of professionals of this kind that the country requires. Much of the knowledge already provided does not correspond to the reality of the present. Knowledge that have existing anchored in the past, he was not sued, nor teachers demanded new, those who are required to collaborate appropriately in the development of the country. All of this demonstrates an absence of authorities in all academic hierarchies primarily administrative, Secretariat and what more representative of a rectory able to give way to the transformation, changes, in order to know not only the challenges that currently occur, but originate new projects, strategies and plans that will ensure a good educational management.

National Institute

It is embarrassing as the Universidad del Zulia, says specifically, Johandry Alberto Hernandez, that there are teachers who earn 132 bolivars monthly, 17 per cent of the minimum wage. Little attractive salaries and the budget crisis at the University do not guarantee assure his generation of respite care. According to figures from the Ministry of the power Popular labour and Social Security, a cart by post driver or a taxi driver earn more than the average College Professor. Only teachers located in the highest categories of college career can acquire a basic basket and why many turn to have two and three jobs. At present, University professors earn 30 percent less than they received in 1985. For that year, a teacher of the highest ranking of his career earned a wage equivalent to 1,201 dollars. Today, in the same category, perceived 861 dollars, according to figures obtained from the Central Bank of Venezuela, the National Institute of statistics, the Office of planning of the University Sector (Opsu) and the Federation of associations of teachers of Venezuela (Fapuv). Definitely as he is said, the decline in wages for teachers in autonomous universities has been a constant in the last 3 decades and collapses the myth that these professionals are the highest paid in the country, and much less, which are located in the Venezuelan upper middle class..

National Institute

An SOS, that is the message that launches AsiInspection, the company dedicated to quality Control and the inspection services, audit and Laboratory Test ( before the avalanche in the last days of products for children coming from the Asian continent and which are dangerous to their health. The most recent case just occur in the United States.UU. and Canada, and could have reached Spain. It’s more than 13 million vessels imported by the signing of fast food McDonalds with the figures of the characters in the film of Sherk and that they have withdrawn from the market since the paint used in his drawings contained cadmium, a toxic material, explains Alex Makow, its Director for Spain and Portugal. The fundamental problem in these cases is that the withdrawal from the market is a late solution. The product should never have come to the final consumer. It’s spread the virus of the quality among importers who bring these products. They should hire Laboratory Test and Rigorous audits that avoid that the use of hazardous substances and that end up causing a public health problem. The A.B.C. of quality and is missing eyes to avoid many of the articles that end up in the hands of children are not harmful for them. The problem is that when we are consumers not always we are aware or we realize a series of demands which must comply with such products, adds Makow. Now for example our beaches and pools are populated of aquatic hazardous toys as floats, mattresses, toys, beach balls, buckets, shovels, diving articles and pumps of inflation. In fact the last National Institute of consumption (INC) anoel in an analysis of 22 articles of beach and pool, concluded that only 11 were totally correct and met the minimum yse communicated to the manufacturers or importers cases that could present a risk to its rectification or withdrawal of the product from the market.For example, found a flotador-pato without whose traction of the CAP did not exceed the tensile tests and brand that could have endangered the child’s life which put him.

House Energy

This person will have a greater propensity to observe in detail the type of clothing that her friends wore because it is focusing attention on that aspect, therefore uses energy in that condition. It is important to emphasize that the use of energy It is good to the extent that attention that loans help us to our goals, to say something in the case of clothing from friends in the Park, a designer could find an inspiration for their own design based on the observation that could be performed, in this case the use of energy has been efficient because it has supported one of the objectives of the observer. There is something very important in this, most of the people uses energy in what you don’t want, you look at violence, disease, problems, etc. And what happens?, happens that we started programming our subconscious mind the things that we don’t want in life and finally see results negative in our lives, why we see that many good people occur at them bad things, it is not that these people wanted that consciously, but they unconsciously and very subtly programmed unpleasant information in their lives. We have seen how to use energy with the sense of sight, the advice I give them is that they see things that only like them, continuously see the House of their dreams, the cars that want to have, the physicist who wish to, etc. Visualize what you really want, imagine, dream, this has much power although many people believe it or not, also use other senses, hear nice things, success stories, nature sounds that give you peace of mind and bring good memories, touch furniture you want, you feel them, touch what he longs for. Is also important to mention the use of the energy from the point of view of the emotions, when we put emotion into something employment of energy soars in remarkable shape, consider the fact of physical energy, if someone leaves their depleted work and all you want is to go home to rest, but suddenly arises a surprise party and call it, if this person enjoys a lot of festivities will notice as it is filled with energy and you can spend all night enjoying calmly, what happened there? The answer is the motivation and energy that produces do something that we really enjoy, for that reason to achieve success in life is necessary to do things that give us great joy, great satisfaction, that will make the fruits of our projects to appear more quickly, what we must do to avoid wasting energy, as defined by ANDREW CORENTT in his book I am happy, I am rich, first consider and clearly define what we want in lifeimmediately make a coherent plan to achieve our objective and we use energy properly, for this is necessary to think, analyze and observe everything related to our idea, then we avoid view and focus energy on what you don’t want, it is necessary to eliminate fanaticism such as politics, sports, certain radical groups, etc.